A New Revelation With Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is the senior-most managing partner of Mirabaud SCA. he is the chairman of several boards of Mirabaud located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He is a man of great value and experience in banking with a couple of organizations in the USA and Switzerland.

Analysis of the article with Mirabaud

According to Yves Mirabaud, Mirabaud organization values the clients’ interests over their revenue. He disagrees that the bank’s financial results in 2020 seemed disappointing. he argues that the year was one of their best economic excellence years which had incredible results though it may seem correct in the years 2018 and 2019. the year had a great return of up to 15 per cent.

Yves Mirabaud disagrees with cutting costs in his expenditure. He says that they are careful with how they spend their money and that some of the money due to Covid 19 was put to direct savings in entertainment and sponsoring events.

Based on their headcount, Yves Mirabaud acquired some private bankers to boost their company in their active markets. Due to their small retreatment in equities brokerage, they had several exits. It built a staff in Zurich which supports private banking and is of great expertise. They already have some deals.

Mirabaud plans to take it slowly about hiring in commercial finance because the unit is starting. They have to justify adding persons having new businesses. On the hiring of confidential bankers, it plans to keep on with its policy to reinforce the home offices in the country. They don’t plan on competing to have bigger teams. Yves says that Mirabaud has no plans to expand as they would prefer having their businesses based in the Middle East. Technology is their main focus this year, and they are evaluating a new banking system. See related link for additional information.


Visit his LinkedIn profile on https://ch.linkedin.com/in/yves-mirabaud-b7914a17