Alddo Molinar: Anesthesia Director and Learner

Some people are raised to the highest pinnacles of their careers in various forms. This same action came upon Alddo Molinar, who has gained the success of his career from years of experience in the field of anesthesia. As the Medical Director of Anesthesia at the East Ohio Regional Hospital, he practices medical procedures by comforting those around him with his highly skilled training. Gaining this insight has taken time, but Alddo Molinar has worked hard to gain the success that has come through such experience. 


What has set him apart from others in his field?  


That is made known through a reflected interview from IdeaMensch. In it, Alddo Molinar describes the way that he was raised. As the eldest son of Mexican immigrants, he was determined to make an impact in the field he desired to go. His field of choice was in the medical field, as he tragically lost his grandparents to cancer. 


Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar


Thus giving him the desire to seek healing for others through anesthesia purposes. Going for his degree at the University of Texas in Austin, he then threw himself into working at the Cleveland Clinic. After that, Alddo Molinar worked his way up to the current position he is in now. Helping others seek treatment through anesthesia, and the positive aspects that it gives. 

What draws people to the physician Alddo Molinar though, is his true hearted passion to learn and continue to be a lifelong learner. This attribute is set apart, as so many people are focused on their own way of thinking. In order to accomplish what they need to get done. Overall, a critical care medicine expert like him. However what the anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar is focused on is a greater thought process. Even when you reach the top billing of medicine, you can still hold a spirit of learning lifelong lessons along the way!