Alejandro Betancourt’s Turnaround Success Story for Hawkers

Hawkers’ success story is unlike any other. Despite being among the globally recognized sunglasses company globally, its startup had its fair share of challenges. Upon its inception, the company enjoyed early success. More people opted for its sunglasses since it offered high-quality sunglasses, just like the top brands. The sunglasses were also highly durable and trendy. However, what facilitated their high sales is that despite such quality, they were pretty affordable.

Being people’s number one choice implied exponential growth of the company. As a result, its founders decided to take advantage of this and expand its reach. The expansion caused significant financial strain on the company. Money needed to be injected into the expansion as well as meeting increased customer demand. Balancing such growth without a proper resource scale is quite impossible. The aftermath of this was an almost shut down of the company operation.

The company witnessed a fast turnaround when Alejandro Betancourt, its current president, joined the team. Following the company’s current state, Alejandro Betancourt was the right person to approach owing to his management success at O’Hara Administration. Alejandro financed the company by bringing in the right kind of investors. As a result, the company’s financial stability was achieved. Furthermore, having managed big successful companies, he understood what it takes to facilitate company growth and still meet its financial demands.

Some of the strategies Alejandro Betancourt incorporated to ensure a linear growth of the company included effective marketing strategies. Hawkers Company’s success was attributed to the use of social media from its onset. However, Alejandro Betancourt looked for loopholes in internet marketing that they had not yet realized. Other than relying on the company’s social media sites to market, he again brought in influencers. The influencers were young people with lots of online following as that was the target market. Besides, the influencers needed also to love sunglasses from the Hawkers’ brand. To know more click: here.