ZeroAvia has proven itself to be a leader in zero-emission aviation in the four years since it was created. Its founder, Val Miftakhov, was already supporting carbon emission reductions with a company he owned that sold batteries for electric fuel. As a pilot Miftakhov realized that there needed to be more green solutions in aviation and decided to fill that need by founding ZeroAvia.

ZeroAvia’s vision for the future includes an airplane that can fly 500 miles on hydrogen fuel. This airplane will have ten to twenty seats and can also be used for transporting goods. To achieve this ambitious goal, ZeroAvia has teamed up with Amazon, which will be mutually beneficial for both of their goals.

The aviation industry needs financial support from big companies to achieve such goals, and Amazon has provided a couple million dollars ZeroAvia from its Climate Pledge Fund. Amazon has since set aside two billion dollars for its Climate Pledge Fund, with intentions to invest that money in ways that will reduce carbon emissions and find sustainable solutions. In return for their financial support ZeroAvia is helping Amazon reduce its own carbon emissions. The vice president of Amazon’s worldwide sustainability is hopeful, saying that with ZeoAvia’s help they are on track to have zero-net carbon emissions by 2040.

Supporting reduced carbon emission in aviation is not new to Amazon, in the summer of 2020 Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund purchased several million dollars’ worth of sustainable fuel meant for aviation, and several other companies have since followed their example.