Andrea Natale Joins EnSite Vascular’s Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Andrea NataleThe St. David’s Medical Center EPLive conference is a 2-day educational meeting. Electrophysiologists and cardiologists get together to listen to experts talk about and perform new technologies that will make a difference in treating heart issues. The December 2020 event was a virtual meeting. And it was a success, thanks to Dr. Andrea Natale and the three other EPLive directors. Dr. Natale, the creator of EPLive, discussed the new devices and treatments that help people with atrial fibrillation.

COVID-19 changed the dynamics of the EPLive meeting. The directors covered the four topics: VT ablation, AT Ablation, technology, and devices. The panel of four heart specialists also hosted an open discussion and commentaries that covered the challenges heart specialists face due to the virus.

Andrea Natale is currently the medical director at St. David’s Arrhythmia Institute. Dr. Natale’s medical resume proves he is an expert when it comes to treating atrial fibrillation. Natale is a founding member of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS). He served as chairman in 2005, and he served the group as an ambassador in 2010. Andrea Natale is also a member of the HRS’s Annual Program Committee. In 2011, Dr. Natale became a Trustee on the Heart Rhythm Society’s Board.

Dr. Natale knew he would focus on heart issues when he attended the University of Florence Medical School. He continued to study heart issues while he attended Catholic University’s School of Cardiology. Before Andrea completed his residency at Western Ontario University, he attended Methodist Hospital and Baylor College as a research fellow.

Andrea Natale is a faculty member at Case Western University and Stanford. He is also the author of several published medical papers that address atrial fibrillation and its side effects. Natale is also a co-author, and he is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Atrial Fibrillation. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, the Heart Rhythm Journal, American Heart Journal, and the Journal of Electro-cardiology.

Ensite Vascular asked Natale to join its Medical Advisory Board in May 2021. Ensite Vascular developed the Ensite Vascular’s SiteSeal VCD. That device is the only closure device on the medical device market that can close multiple sheaths in a single blood vessel during electrophysiology procedures.