BeachBody Sees Boosted Revenue Under CEO Carl Daikeler’s Leadership

BeachbodyBeachBody is a well-known and successful fitness company that offers an expansive range of workout and diet products today, but it was a new startup in 1998. At that time, Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon co-founded the company to serve the important purpose of helping people move toward a higher level of wellness without the need for a gym. Daikeler has notably served as BeachBody’s Chairman and CEO throughout its long history, and he has been responsible for its astounding growth over the years. In fact, as a former marketing professional, his experiences in international distribution, marketing, product development and media buying have been instrumental.

BeachbodyBeachBody’s first product released under Daikeler was 8-Minute Abs. Because of this VHS workout program’s success, Carl Daikeler was able to focus on expanding BeachBody’s product line dramatically. A few of its hundreds of products today include Shakeology, P90X, 21-Day Fix, INSANITY, Body Beast and more. In addition to developing these and other products, Daikeler had a hand in successfully marketing them. While he relied on traditional marketing channels to do so, he also walked boldly along new paths. For example, he pioneered the use of social media platforms, influencers and customer brand ambassadors for marketing purposes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was peaking and gyms across the country were closed, many people were searching for an affordable alternative at home. Peloton Interactive and Nautilus Bowflex appealed to some people with deep pockets. However, because they required people to buy expensive equipment, they were not suitable for everyone. Carl Daikeler identified the need for an affordable alternative, and this was the basis for BeachBody On-Demand. By providing subscribers with direct access to dozens of workout programs via a streaming service for only $99 per year, Daikeler successfully filled an unmet need in the market.

Because of Daikeler’s unwavering efforts to work toward BeachBody’s founding mission, he has produced incredible growth over the years. BeachBody’s revenue stream is approximately $1 billion annually now. It also is valued at close to $2.3 billion.