Bhanu Choudhrie: How COVID-19 has affected aviation

The coronavirus was one of the unprecedented situations for the people who operate businesses. Bhanu Choudhrie did not visualize a situation whereby people would close their businesses and stay indoors. In the tourism and travel departments, Bhanu Choudhrie and other individuals experienced the worst losses.

Travel bans and restrictions in meeting in public places simply meant that these businesses had to remain out of operations. The only time Bhanu saw such restrictions was when SARs or the dangerous Ebola disease had spread in the world. As one of the leaders in the airline section, Bhanu had to make various adjustments to live with the new change and reality.

Companies operating in this department have had to reduce most of their flights and consider their normal costs. Charging the people extra amounts of money to recover the time they have lost business will not help anything. The consumers will stay away from travelling because they have lost their resources during the pandemic too.

For the challenging industry to regain its operations when the pandemic has ended, the stakeholders will have to be very keen on how they carry their activities. Social distancing measures should be in place to avoid losing more people.

When corona struck the whole world, professionals in the airline industry, led by Bhanu Choudhrie, showed the best leadership. The professionals stopped all their operations when they were requested because they knew they were all at risk of dying from the disease.

The temporary rules set from the start of the global pandemic taught the airline professionals that everything was happening for their own good. The competitive industry is still trying hard to live with the new set of rules in aviation. Bhanu Choudhrie has tried to reach most of his clients in aviation through the available virtual means, and he has seen a good response. To know more click: here.