Bob Bull, RoyaleLife Founder and CEO Giving the Elderly People Hope through Bungalow Constructions across the UK

Bob Bull understands the real estate trend in recent decades. Apartments, villas, and single rooms are the most common properties. The properties are suitable for various clients in the country. Hence, they are more affordable because demand exceeds supply. It makes them an exciting market product for buyers rather than sellers.

Due to the above factors, there are fewer bungalows in the UK. Most real estate companies continue to build real estate units they consider the best and most economical for the larger population. However, there is an influx of real estate developers into the industry like mushrooms after a rain, which is to fill the missing gaps in the market.

Bob Bull comprehends the industry trends and is always looking for a vacancy that he can use to ensure his company competes in the sector which is filled with many companies. Bull is an experienced real estate investor searching for inventive opportunities.

As Bob Bull pointed out, most real estate organizations have abandoned the construction of bungalows, considering that the construction of other types of real estate is economical and saleable. Seeing this, he didn’t waste any chance but rapidly entered the marketplace to cater for the gaps and develop real estate, focusing on bungalow development.

Bob Bull noted that single-story properties have existed for years. They don’t only attract middle and low income people. They are designed for high-income people because they can pay for the required expenses and maintenance services.

Bob Bull and RoyaleLife are targeting those facing retirement age. RoyaleLife has become the largest supplier of bungalows to people over 45 in the UK. After it was founded in 1945, the firm is known for building thousands of houses for its clients.

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