Brandon Taubman Predicts the Future With Analytics

Brandon Taubman has the ability to understand massive amounts of data and then process the information so it can be used in business. This is exactly why Stablewood Properties has asked Brandon Taubman to join their team. Stablewood Properties is a firm based out of Houston, which works in the commercial real estate market. The company is known for its prowess in real estate as well as having an understanding of analytics. Brandon Taubman understands data science and with a rich background helping companies prosper, he will be a grand addition to the team. With a background in risk mitigation, Taubman will work with Stablewood in portfolio management. Understanding predictive data is a strength for Taubman and he will lead the way at Stablewood in investments as well as risk assessment.

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Taubman’s interest in data science did not begin as an adult. Rather, he found a passion for analytics as a young man. He enjoyed the sport of baseball, because of its statistical nature, and found ways to crunch the numbers and get results. Taubman, along with his friends, created formulas to crunch the data and applied the results to their fantasy baseball league. After his youth, Taubman decided to attend college and gained a Bachelor of Science degree at Corell University. He received a degree in Applied Economics and Management, which would help to propel him forward in his career. After college, Taubman decided to work within the financial sector and he headed to Wall Street. Working for financial firms allowed him to work with analytics and find ways to apply the results to real-world actions. After working in the financial sector, Taubman was asked to use his skills in professional baseball. Taubman was hired by the Houston Astros and helped the team win a World Series in 2017.