Caribou Caribou is one of the leading logistic providers internally in the United Kingdom and across other regions in the world. The company provides some of the best courier services, from simple mail delivery to complicated bold shipment across continents. The company traces its roots to two amazing founders who have had profound experience in logistics for decades. Dave Antrobus is one of the co-founders of this award-winning company, and he provides insights on better management of a logistic company.

Caribou recently announced a partnership with one of the leading software development companies in the United Kingdom to be their official partner in developing and providing technological solutions. Cuhu, in this case, got tasked with the responsibility of delivering a solution that assists Caribou and their clients come into a middle ground.

The technology company developed the Driver App, a revolutionary platform allowing the driver and the client to interact and share information during transit. The driver app is essential as it collects some basic information from the cargo getting delivered and the app suggests the shortest route to follow. Some of the critical information that the Driver App collects include delivery warehouse, expected time, and the package owner’s GPS location for safe delivery.

The Driver app developed by Caribou is so diverse that it incorporates both the client and the company in tracking the driver when the package is in transit. In this kind of situation, the client is in a position to understand the exact location of their consignment and the expected time to plan wisely ahead. The Driver app gets integrated with a GPS locator that is activated when the driver starts the delivery process. The client is apposition to track the consignment either from the application or directly from the caribou website with the same feature embedded in the site.


Sometimes both the client and the driver might be in a location without a network. Through their Driver app, Caribou has developed a solution that allows data transmission even in areas where the network is poor, and the signal is not so strong. Clients will. Still get notified when the delivery has arrived either through offline channels or other online means.