CashFX Highlights the Importance of Both Choice and Education

Everyone would agree that it is important to plan.

Likewise, most people would agree that there are some elements that are vital to a happy life.

For example, our professional life needs to have some element of excitement, satisfaction, and profitability to keep us happy.

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But we all have different preferences which can put us onto different paths toward that goal. And this is true even within the same general career path.

Recognition of that fact is one of the reasons why CashFX’s Trading Academy has grown at such a rapid pace.

CashFX has designed its educational system around the fact that different people will benefit from different approaches to online trading.

The heart of CashFX’s program is its Trading Academy Pack (TAP) system.

One of the most important parts of the system is how it handles entry.

Just as everyone has a different end goal, people also have different starting points.

CashFX ensures that people from every socioeconomic background can learn how to trade by implementing a larger scale for contract fees.

A trading contract ranges from $300 to $100K.

By providing such a wide range of entry CashFX ensures that everyone can take part in the system.

The course begins through automatic investments.

30% of the contract fee is applied to TAP.

Half of it goes to a sponsor as a Fast Start Bonus.

The other half goes to the uni-level commissions.

70% of the initial cost goes toward the trading pool.

These are funds that can be used to make money.

Individualization comes from two separate paths.

Students can use either a bear or bull system.

The bear system is also known as the simple investor path.

It works in a fairly self-explanatory manner.

But the bull system is aimed at people who want a more aggressive approach.

It provides larger payoffs from the trading pool and networking side of things.

But at the same time, it also requires at least one referral.

These two paths highlight how different people can focus on their strengths.

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