Changer of Cloud Computing: DFINITY

DFINITYDFINITY is a company that aims to change the way cloud computing works. In 2016, Dominic Williams founded the company. As an experienced entrepreneur, he had a plan to change the way digital transactions are processed. While he started with the idea that it could revolutionize cryptocurrency trading, he quickly realized that it could also facilitate a wider range of online activities for individuals, small businesses and large companies.

Mission of DFINITY

The mission of DFINITY is to create and maintain what it calls the Internet Computer. It is marketed as an alternative to centralized server farms. Those farms monopolize the processing of cryptocurrency transactions, digital authentication, social media and other networking activities on the internet. With all that power concentrated in centralized server farms, if one goes down, so does half of the internet. Spreading the power across thousands of nodes makes cloud computing more secure, faster and accessible.

What the Internet Computer Can Do

As of now, open-source and hired developers are working on platforms, tools and apps for the Internet Computer. It currently has more than 4,300 nodes. Each node is a server, and they are spread wide and far across the world. Most of the people with a node participate in the project’s development. There is a little proprietary software in the Internet Computer, but nearly all of the code is open-source. Several applications have been released and are in use now, and dozens more are in various stages of development. The Internet Computer uses AI and algorithms to make decisions for the speed and order of processing of transactions.

Dfinity Foundation

Examples of the Internet Computer’s Applications

DFINITY touts two key live applications that anyone can use today on the Internet Computer. One is LinkedUp. The developers designed it to function as an open-source competitor to the proprietary LinkedIn network. Another project is an authentication service that people can use to verify digital art, luxury goods like purses and other rare items, such as collectible sports cards. The DFINITY Foundation offers grants and educational workshops to bring in more developers to the project.