Dr. Tom Chang MD and The Advancement of Technology for The Ophthalmology Field

The field of ophthalmology encompasses much more than routine eye examinations and vision correction. Dr. Tom Chang MD, Los Angeles’ top ophthalmologist, praises the broad scope of treatment connected with ophthalmology and eye health. As the founder of Acuity Eye Group, a multi-site ophthalmology and retina group, the ophthalmologist and his team devote their time and energy to patient education and various treatments and services to prevent or slow down the progression of vision loss. From long-term ocular health to pioneering research into degenerative eye diseases, Dr. Tom Chang MD and his colleagues have set the standard for ophthalmology.


AI Enhances Patient Care


Specialized ophthalmologist Dr. Chang believes that through artificial intelligence and other machine learning efforts, doctors may provide a more simplified and comfortable experience for patients. According to Tom Chang MD, this experience will encourage them to visit more often and not wait until they notice a problem. Additionally, it enables doctors to provide more confident diagnoses in a shorter period of time due to the increased availability of information. He claims that with the imaging tools presently available in ophthalmology, the system can be built with heuristic learning capabilities that will assist eye doctors in providing an accurate diagnosis. In the same way that computers have developed the ability to make choices that “beat humans” at chess, it is only a matter of time until computer algorithms can provide results that outperform the doctor.


What Does The Future of Ophthalmology Hold?


The current combination of technology and medicine besides artificial intelligence has made ophthalmology an exciting field. As AI and assistive technologies advance, effective and previously unimaginable therapy alternatives become accessible. Patients with thought-to-be incurable diseases now have access to viable treatment options to improve their outcomes. Because of these developments, Tom Chang MD points out, it is safe to assume that future generations of ophthalmologists will reap the benefits of innovations. As for dedicated experts like Dr. Chang, improving patients’ lives is the cornerstone of ophthalmology and is what propels the profession forward.