Fresh Thinking Group’s Co-founder Dave Antrobus Shares His Five Tips on Managing Time during Lockdown

Dave AtrobusNews that an average British spends an extra hour to browse for news and other things online are worrying Fresh Thinking Group’s co-founder Dave Antrobus. The investor has gone ahead to craft a number of things that will help Britons to make use of their extra time during this lockdown. The tips are very important now than any other time because according to Dave Antrobus, who doubles as Fresh Thinking Group’s co-owner and founder, the whole is under the entire lockdown. “Now that the entire country is under the third lockdown, it will be too easy for most of us to continue using our time on the screen. It does not necessary mean that all the four hours Ofcom mentioned are spent on social media. Some will be used to watch TV, documentaries, and even movies,” said Fresh Thinking Group founder Dave Antrobus.

What Fresh Thinking Group CEO Dave Antrobus did not mention is that all the time spent on the laptop, iPads, or even mobile phones are all a waste. However, the investor says he has five tips that will help his fellow Britons to be able to manage their time well even as the lockdown continues.

Set a Timeline

The first tip in FTG co-owner Dave Antrobus is to be able to set a limit. Yes, Dave Antrobus says that it is one thing to find oneself taking up a phone or powering a laptop by mistake and quite another to finish doing something then sit down to spend time on the screen. As such, the Fresh Thinking Group co-owner is asking all Britons to set a limit of time they spend on the screen. That way, one is able to use the remaining amount of time to do other meaningful things. Dave goes on to mention his second tip when he says that joining an online charitable group is yet another thing that will help average Britons to save their valuable time. The Fresh Thinking Group investor also mentions of the need of identifying the real triggers to spending time online, separating digital and social media lives as well as mapping new behaviors among other tips of managing time during lockdown.