How Caribou Is Enhancing Its Services

Caribou Caribou is a parcel delivery company with over 20 years of experience delivering and distributing domestic and international parcels. The delivery company is designing its game-changing solution for parcel delivery in partnership with other premium partners.

The company offers its services globally with strategic locations in the UK at Manchester, Grantham, and Colchester. The company’s mission is to provide the optimum and pioneering delivery experience to the end-user. Caribou intends to utilize the current evolution in tech to offer the best delivery services across the globe.

Caribou staffs and management make the delivery experience fantastic; it is a place where they enjoy working and get opportunities to visit new places. Customers are the heart of the company; designing the system to ensure the best customer experience is vital for future growth and development. The company is driven by fairness, honesty, and passionate values.

The staffs are always happy being part of the company and work hard to make it big and prosperous. Due to its massive expansion across the UK, the company is hiring more staff to work on custom orders and deliveries. Through progressive thinking, Caribou partnered with Cuhu– a tech development company, to utilize the new technology of using mobile applications to create real-time delivery apps for their driver and signatures from esteemed customers.

The company delivery is well monitored, from route planning, driver tracking, and proof of product delivery. The warehouse staff uses barcode scanners to identify parcel delivery locations and determine the fastest route to customers’ destinations.


The delivery vehicle tracking system is via GPS systems on the caribou websites. After a successful delivery, time, location, and date are recorded in the driver’s app to prove the delivered product. The company also utilizes the use of digital signatures and customer images to verify delivery. Caribou drivers app is under testing process to make their job easier while creating optimum customer experience.

The parcel’s delivery giant is planning to create more technologically advanced platforms to improve customer experience is a sign of development. Customers from the company give positive reviews of their experience from the company delivery. They recommend the company for its excellent services.