How LifeWave Products are Changing Lives for Many

LifeWave is at the forefront of using phototherapy technology to create safe and effective products. The company, founded in 2004, has become a global trend maker to help people by leveraging phototherapy technology to develop products that promote health and wellness.

One of the company’s products based on this technology and which has become a sensation in the market is the Energy Enhancer Patch. The patches harness the healing power of light by illuminating to certain parts of the body light of a particular wavelength.

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The products have been a success, receiving widespread positive reviews and testimonials for LifeWave reviews.

In a discussion with Dr. Paul Christo, a researcher and a doctor at the school of medicine at John Hopkins University, LifeWave’s founder David Schmidt explained how the patches are made and their effectiveness in the medical arena. According to Schmidt, the company’s products based on phototherapy technology have been extensively clinically tested and proven effective.

Besides, LifeWave’s approach to harnessing light as a source of healing has been lauded by many health experts. In particular, health experts are fascinated by the non-addictive aspect of the patches compared to using pharmaceutical painkillers. Further emphasis of the company’s products is that they are not stimulants, nor do they need any form of an injection that makes them ideal for any person and prevents any possibility of opioid-like addiction plaguing the world.

Testimonials on LifeWave’s products indicate that the consumers are happy with the products. Most consumers narrate how the energy patches helped relieve their pain and how soon they started feeling rejuvenated few days after wearing the patches. In one particular instance, a cancer survivor narrates how the patches were life-saving after three previous surgeries proved ineffective.

Besides the products, the consumers also praise the company as having the best employees as they are knowledgeable, understanding, and incredibly dedicated to serving their customers. Those who work with the company indicate the LifeWave provides much-needed work-life balance and that the LifeWave community offers a sense of family for many.

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