Hussain Sajwani: An Awesome Real Estate Mogul & Philanthropist

Found in 2002, DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The founder is Hussein Sajwani who is also the chairman and CEO of DAMAC. DAMAC Properties Dubai Co.

PJSC is in the real estate, engineering, architecture, and construction industries, and it has awarded 121 contracts in January and February of 2017 alone. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

His Relationship with Donald Trump

Hussein Sajwani is a billionaire developer who has a wonderful business relationship and friendship with Donald Trump’s real estate firm which is called the Trump Organization. The two real estate tycoons recently celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and they collaborated how the luxury villas at the Trump International Golf Club have earned $2 billion in sales.

Hussein Sajwani and his family attended Trump’s New Year’s Eve party at the Mar-a-Lago, and the president-elect shouted out that the Sajwani’s are the most beautiful people.

Hussein told NBC News that he also has a business relationship with Trump’s children, Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka. He also mentioned how Ivanka even has a relationship with his wife in which they visit with each other sometimes.

His Philanthropic Efforts

Hussein Sajwani and his company, DAMAC, are also heavily involved in philanthropic events. They have given two million Arab Emirates Dollars to charities devoted to children. His generous funding is intended for 50,000 deprived and poor children, regardless of where they reside, will always be warm and clothed.

Sajwani’s company has a segment that is devoted to give back to the community. This segment of the company is called DAMAC Maison, and they are mostly responsible in providing various hospitality offerings.

With these offerings, people’s needs are fulfilled in an exclusively personalized matter within 8,000 units. Also, an additional 2,810 units are in the process of being created in less than a year.

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