Kim Dao Takes Us River Dining in Kyoto

On May 3,2017, Kim Dao took a train to Kyoto to do some river dining at Hirobunin Kibune. The restaurant Kim Dao took us to looked like an outdoor pavilion where some people picnic. Kim Dao feasted on Japanese vegetables, fruits, and rice in a buffet style. The restaurant is located over a river, kind of like a bridge would be over a water way. There was a small waterfall over the back part of the eating place. The restaurant also serves smoked and raw fish.Learn more :


After lunch, Kim Dao and her friend headed to the Bamboo Forest in Arashima. They took a train and had to walk several blocks from the station to the bamboo forest. The walk through the town wasn’t any different from most towns in the world, except for a rickshaw and its driver. Kim Dao walked across a bridge that was so one with trees, you could barely see the sky. There some people who jogged across the bridge.Learn more :


After a walk through the forest, Kim Dao and friend returned to Kyoto to do some shopping and have dinner. Kim Dao feasted on some fried chicken and some slaw. She had a parfait with some fruit and some frozen yogurt for dessert. It was soon night fall. Kim Dao walked through the town and noticed some water fountains spurting water high in the air. Some of the fountains spurted water in colors of red. blue, and green. After a full day, Kim Dao returned home.Learn more :

Will We See Changes in Our Economic Growth?

Tim Armour recently made a statement concerning Warren Buffett. Buffett announced that he highly recommends passive index investments and would bet one million dollars that he could surpass any manager of hedge funds utilizing this method. However, Tim stated that this would not be the best approach because of passive index investments can typically be underestimated and unknown to the investor. Tim commented that it’s not about active or passive investment banking, but more so about delivering investments that are long term and have a low cost.

To properly identify hedge fund managers who are exceptional, an investor must choose a manager that is not afraid to invest their own money and toss out high cost funds. Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, started his career at The Associate’s Program at Capital and has over 32 years of experience there. He received economics bachelor’s degree at Middlebury and in 2015 Tim expressed his opinion about the U.S economy. He commented that the economy was not growing at the rate people expected and it would probably be best for investors to invest in short term interest rates versus long term and more information click here.

According to Tim Armour, global markets can change in the direction of economic growth, higher inflation, and rising interest rates. The markets have recently shown signs of struggling equities and in November, after the election of Donald Trump, the asset prices dramatically changed. Some asset managers continue to express skepticism after the election. And need further assurance that the sluggish economic growth will change for the better in the near future.

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Facilities Being Provided By Securus Technologies

I know that many people think that Securus Technologies provides only phone services for inmates. But this is not true. Ask any prison or jail officials, and they will tell you that Securus Technologies has been able to help them in nabbing criminals as well as ensuring that crimes are stopped from occurring in the first place.


Basically, Securus Technologies has an effective backend system for its inmate’s phone service network. This allows recording and replaying of calls that have been made between inmates or between inmates and their friends and family members. This is highly effective when jail and prison officials wish to resolve any pending cases or want to know what is happening inside the facility or what is being planned.


I have seen a number of emails and formal letters coming from these officials to Securus Technologies where they have spoken about how monitoring these phone calls has helped them to know if any arms or contraband is being smuggled into the facility. Hence they are able to stop this from happening. This also helps in knowing who the corrupt jail officials are and getting a search warrant for them accordingly.


This has also helped the jail authorities to be able to nab millions of dollars’ worth of contraband, arms, and cash from these facilities. This way they have been able to make the facilities much safer for the inmates.


All these products and services from Securus Technologies are designed to enhance the safety of inmates, their families, friends, and even the parolees. This way the community becomes safer as a whole.


In fact, Securus Technologies is into safety completely. It has become a part of the DNA of everyone at Securus Technologies. They are constantly looking at innovative ways to provide better services to their clients.


Doug Levitt: The Greyhound Blues

The United States is the envy of the world. Aside from being a world power, it is filled with diverse and interesting people. In fact, America is often dubbed as the “Melting Pot” and a nation of immigrants. To many, this is what makes America what it is today. Aside from diverse people, it also has beautiful places. Whether a thriving metropolis with people driving convertible cars or a rural plain, America is not a one-dimensional place. In fact, it is a land with universal appeal.

With that being said, no other place in the world would be better suited for the story of Doug Levitt. Th story of Doug Levitt is one of intrigue. It is a story that has captivated the hearts of thousands and made us rethink the world around us. In addition, Doug Levitt’s story centers around Greyhound buses. Throughout the United States, the Greyhound buses are known for their viability as a mode of transportation and also for their affordable prices. For decades, the company has transported millions of Americans from north to south, and from east to west. To begin, Doug’s story is one without parallel.

He is a multifaceted individual. The singer/songwriter is an extremely talented individual who knows how to draw a crowd. In addition, this talented musician was also once a CNN Correspondent. For over seven years, Doug has used the Greyhound bus services as a primary mode of transportation. The end of his journey left him with a 70,000-mile tally, an EP, a book, and much more. It was the gift that kept on giving. With that being said, Doug comes from a modest upbringing and learn more about Doug.

Doug was born to a Jewish family, where his mother was a D.C. Councilmember. In addition to his luxurious lifestyle, Doug has met people from all walks of life. By being on the Greyhound buses, he was in the close quarters of people he normally would not have associated with. This includes Skinheads, Ex-Cons, Neo-Nazis, and so forth. His firsthand experiences captured the current state of the American society. To many, he is inspirational and more information click here.

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The Impact Of Online Reputation And Reviews Are Huge

Online marketing plays a big role for your business. If you are trying to build your business and you want to maintain how people see your company, you will find that you need to make sure you are taking care of your online brand. You can do this bye simply watching over your reputation online. Research says that receiving positive customer reviews can help improve website authority and build genuine trust. Having people write great testimonials about your reviews on review sites and even sprinkled throughout your site shows your company as a reliable brand.

According to, it’s important to remember that word about your business is not entirely under you own control anymore. With the help of other blogs, review sites, and other online platforms that can directly attach itself to your company, you can gain more traffic online when people spread good things about your company. It’s your job as well to protect your reputation and to avoid allowing bad comments undermine your success and quality as a business.

It rings true that when somebody is on the edge of making a purchase and they aren’t sure what to do, they will ask a trusted friend or family member for advice. The same goes for Internet purchases, finding the right restaurant, or looking for a plumber. With 92 percent of consumers admitting to searching the web for reviews about any company before purchasing, it’s true that you need to know how to handle your online reputation. Keeping up to date with your website and what people are saying about you could make a big difference to how you are seen and what people are saying about your entire company.

Your online reputation clearly defines your business in countless ways, and the key is to make sure you are being clear with your main goals. Just a quick glance at that recent news article by showcases how your reputation can define what people see in your company. Be on the lookout for positive and negative reviews because they can affect you in all ways, so be on the defense always to stay safe.