Kim Dao Takes Us River Dining in Kyoto

On May 3,2017, Kim Dao took a train to Kyoto to do some river dining at Hirobunin Kibune. The restaurant Kim Dao took us to looked like an outdoor pavilion where some people picnic. Kim Dao feasted on Japanese vegetables, fruits, and rice in a buffet style. The restaurant is located over a river, kind of like a bridge would be over a water way. There was a small waterfall over the back part of the eating place. The restaurant also serves smoked and raw fish.Learn more :


After lunch, Kim Dao and her friend headed to the Bamboo Forest in Arashima. They took a train and had to walk several blocks from the station to the bamboo forest. The walk through the town wasn’t any different from most towns in the world, except for a rickshaw and its driver. Kim Dao walked across a bridge that was so one with trees, you could barely see the sky. There some people who jogged across the bridge.Learn more :


After a walk through the forest, Kim Dao and friend returned to Kyoto to do some shopping and have dinner. Kim Dao feasted on some fried chicken and some slaw. She had a parfait with some fruit and some frozen yogurt for dessert. It was soon night fall. Kim Dao walked through the town and noticed some water fountains spurting water high in the air. Some of the fountains spurted water in colors of red. blue, and green. After a full day, Kim Dao returned home.Learn more :

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