Protect yourself from Cyber Hacking

It is no fun being hacked. this may be a sentiment that really doesn’t need to be said. However, this is something we hear quite often along with individuals telling us, “I was hacked” ( This may surprise you but hacking is a crime that has been growing every year. The cyber hackers who are on the internet are getting smarts and much more evasive.


This is why it is important that you have cyber security. Just as you need security for your home, so too will you need security for your online identity or business.


What is Rubica?


Rubica is an app that has been designed to protect your online identity and security. Too often we hear the cries and the pleas of people who tell us “I was hacked” and as a result, they feel very threatened online.


At any moment someone can hack into their accounts or take and use their identity. This issue of using a personal identity is one of the most threatening and damaging of cyber crimes.


many people are sued or perceived as criminals because of what a cyber hacker has done with their identity. As disconcerting as this may sound this information is not here to frighten you but to inform you.


You need Cyber security


You need cyber security, especially if you are owning a business or frequently handling a lot of personal information online. The need to secure and protect your identity and finances is important, especially in today’s society where many criminal hackers are getting much more ingenious with their means of taking and using peoples identity.


Why choose our App?


With so many Apps out there it can be very difficult trying to find the right app to protect you or the right program. However, we pride our services of protecting you with the fact that our cyber security system is constantly being improved and worked on by programmers and ethical hackers who have all worked for governmental bodies such as the NSA. If they can protect governmental secrets they can protect the every man’s secrets as well.