A $7.5 Million Recycling Center Unveiled at OCC

Orange Coast College (OCC) embarked on completing all projects documented in its Vision 2020. Some of the projects featured in the Vision include a modern planetarium, new student housing, and a recently commissioned recycling center.

OCC commissioned its new recycling center on the 14th of September. Many guests attended the commissioning ceremony including Costa Mesa’s Mayor, Katrina Foley, OCC’S President, Dennis Harkins, OCC’s Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator, Michael “Recycle” Carey, and other guests. According to Foley, the modern recycling center will contribute immensely to the economy of Costa Mesa. Harkins affirms that the new facility is a symbol of OCC’s commitment to conserve the environment while providing jobs. And Carey was awed by all the improvements incorporated into the design of the recycling center. Learn more: http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-occ-recycling-20170914-story.html

A comparison between the old and the new recycling centers at OCC reveals major differences. For example, the former facility located on a one-acre piece of land had limited parking spaces, but the new building which sits on an expansive piece of land has an ample parking space. The new recycling center has classrooms, showers, offices, a conference hall, and a first aid room among other new features. Also, various materials are now accepted in the center unlike in the past. Learn more: http://www.coastline.edu/myccc/

The new recycling center is seeking to conserve the environment beyond recycling materials. For example, the new center’s administrative building has solar panels. The solar panels are used to power eco-friendly solar tubes for indoor lighting. Presently, Carey and other officials are working towards achieving energy-efficient certifications for the facility.

The modern recycling center was constructed at the cost of $7.5 million. A lot of funds came from organizations such as Measure M and CR&R. Some classes within the new facility were named after Cliff Ronnenberg and his spouse. Ronnenberg is the founder and chief executive of CR&R.