Securus Technologies to Offer High Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies emerged in the year 1986 not only to serve the correctional facilities but to also to provide relevant technology solution the curb the insecurity brought through crimes. Securus technologies are a facility that offers communication solutions to the correction centers enabling communication between the inmate and the outside world and also within correction facilities.


Entrepreneurship and teamwork are in the culture within the company. The employees in the Securus Technologies work together on a daily basis so as to improve on services they offer to the correction facilities. Numerous numbers of clients get satisfied by the company’s services and therefore they flock their services. The company has gathered good reviews from its clients and enjoys exceptional reputation within their customers. The company also monitors all the operations within the correction centers to ensure safety of the community.


Rick Smith is the current CEO and the president of Securus Technologies. He is an internationally recognized figure in investments and a specialist too. He took over the leadership of Securus Technologies in 2008. Prior his leadership in Securus, rick smith worked in various disciplines in different firms. Eschelon Telecom’s great achievement from $30 million to $350 entirely depended on his skills. He has worked in accounting area, operation area and management and IT area.


Under his leadership in Securus Technologies, the company has managed to invest large amount of money in developments within the technology that they use in customer services. He is the overseer of the developments in the company. Securus has also developed partnerships with technology companies in the correction market. Many innovations by the company have been patented under his leadership. Rick smith is always in pursuit of education and current trends in technology. He is a holder of both associate degree in academic and bachelor and master’s degree in Engineering from Buffalo based University and the state university of New York.