Daniel Taub: Brilliant Israeli Diplomat

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom. He was born in the United Kingdom where he finished his schooling, but after graduating, he decided to go back to Israel in 1989. He served the Israeli Defense Force upon returning to Israel, where he was trained to become a combat medic. After he finished the training, he became a certified Israeli Defense Forxe reservist. While living in Israel, Daniel Taub worked as a speech writer for the president of Israel, and in 1991, he decided to join the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


During his career as a diplomat, Daniel Taub was given several political posts in the ministry he is working for. He became an expert in diplomatic and international laws, and he used it as an edge to further his career. His specialization is about the threats of terrorism and strategies on how to counter it, and he was even invited to several conventions and conferences around the world to talk about his ideas. He was even invited to the United Nations to speak about counter terrorism measures, and his ideas were lauded by several delegates around the world. Aside from being an expert in international laws, he also served as a bridge for the negotiations between Israel and Palestine, as well as other negotiations involving Israel and other Middle Eastern countries.


Daniel Taub was chosen by the government of Israel to become the official ambassador to the United Kingdom. Upon meeting the queen for his presentation and his confirmation as the new ambassador, the queen asked him how it felt being an ambassador to the place where he was born. Daniel Taub stated that the feeling is fantastic, and that he is proud representing his homeland. The appointment of Daniel Taub as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom yield positive results. The bilateral trade between the two states rose to $8 billion, and the relationship improved significantly.


While serving as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub also worked as an advisor for several British television networks. He provides international insights, and he also lectures about terrorism and its counter measures. Recently, Daniel Taub already rendered his resignation and according to the queen, she and the whole United Kingdom will miss Daniel Taub, and all of his contributions to strengthen the relationship of the two countries. Daniel Taub stated that he will also miss the British people and their hospitality towards him.


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