Securus Technologies Customers Refer Technology

There is now a platform for you to leave your customer comments and refer technology with the Securus Technologies network. Their well known CEO, Rick A. Smith told PRN Newswire they make it their priority to put the needs of their customers first. Thousands of customers have switched to their network because they’ve heard about their feedback forum listed on their website. Their customers have been able to give feedback on their technology, refer services, become a part of their crime prevention in initiative, and interact with others. Best of all, they have price compared $4 to $1 with their stiff neck competitors.


Securus Customer Preferred Technology


Their customers have been using their feedback forum to discuss many of their features, but their inmate voicemail has been very popular. Inmate voicemail allows their customer to leave a facility approved message for an inmate at any time. If you pay a one time fee, have their inmate number, and are eighteen years of age or older, you can use the inmate calling feature to drop by and say hello or help a client prepare for an upcoming hearing. Become a part of the Securus family by subscribing to their features under their descriptive tabs listed on their website today.


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