Paul Wesley’s Path to Success

Paul Wesley started his career early on the stage of New York where his passion for acting began. His role in the movie “Before I Disappear” and his help in production, caught the attention of everyone. He has been in television series productions as well. He is well known and this is why.

Paul Wesley

His recording role in the tv blockbuster “The Vampire Diaries” kept him in the loop for five years as an actor. He wanted to dip his fingers in producing. Having participated in directing, he knew a thing or two about film production. He was good at it and people were taking notice.

His acting and aid in producing in the film “Before I Disappear” has placed him on the map in the film world today. Large film companies and journalists have shown that he is an up and comer in the field. What he will do in the future is in his hands. He can pretty well write himself a check on it. In a recent interview with Collider, he said that he wants to continue to work in film production.

The reason why is obvious. Years on the set in his television series was tedious. It became like a real job to him. While he reported to Collider that he loved it, he did feel like it was a boring job day after day. He wanted more for his career. That was about to happen with his participation in the movie “Before I Disappear.”

Paul Wesley

He needed fresh air and new material with characters who were challenging. Directing had also made him feel like he needed to spread his wings. He plans to continue looking for new opportunities to learn more about film and production. He also stated to Collider that he will find new roles that challenge him as well as his recent success has.

Paul Wesley

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