Gregory Aziz’s Contribution To The Success Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of Canada’s most prominent and oldest manufacturing company. The company is a manufacturer of railroad freight cars. It also has a strong foothold in the engineering element of freight car design. The company was founded in 1911 by a group of 6 businessmen. Their goal was to bring Canada to the forefront of freight car engineering and manufacturing.


While it may be hard to believe, at the time railroad freight manufacturing was one of the fastest growing industries in North America. It was the boom of the railroad era, and the founders of National Steel Car wanted to make sure they weren’t left behind. The company is now 100 years old and Is still thriving.


National Steer Car is spearheaded by Gregory J. Aziz. Greg Aziz holds the titles of Chairman, CEO and President. He has been with the company for several decades and his leadership skills have made a huge impact on the success of the company. He is known his drive and for a focus on taking the company and its team to new heights. Those who know him in person know his best as a fearless leader who isn’t afraid to implement new technologies and innovate. This is a rare quality at a 100-year old company that is in such a traditional sector: the railroad.  See This Page for additional information.


Greg Aziz started with National Steel Car in 1994. He immediately went to work at expanding the company. After a few short terms in year he had grown the workplace by nearly 400% and tripled production of rail cars (going from numbers in the hundreds to several thousand). He is a valuable asset to the company, as business growth is his specialty.


In fact, his first job after college was at his family’s wholesale food company. He worked there for fourteen years, focusing on business development. The company, Affiliated Foods, grew from a regional entity in Western Canada to a global distributor and importer of healthy foods. The company worked with importers and distributors from all across the globe.


During his time at National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz has greatly expanded the reputation of the company as well as the morale of employees. Gregory James Aziz is favored as a great leader and a staple of the success that National Steel Car has seen during its 100 years of success in the railroad freight manufacturing industry. It will be interesting to see what great things he accomplishes in the future.


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