A Look at Waiakea Water Bottles

The bottled water industry is full of a lot of big businesses. As you may expect, creating a successful water bottle business can be tricky. As a business you will have to greatly set yourselves apart from your competition. There has to be aspects regarding your product that make consumers want to buy it more than they want to buy any other water bottle. Waiakea Water has found a way to set themselves apart from the competition.
To start off, they offer some of the purest water available on the market. Their water is naturally filtered and enhanced. The producers of Waiakea Water do not alter their water in any way. Consumers love to hear this. People that drink water want it to be natural and healthy. When water bottle companies alter their water to make it taste better it can negatively affect their sales. Waiakea Water is taken directly from an area surrounding volcanic rock. All of the water has passed through at least 14,000 feet of this rock. In result, the water has a perfect pH and is packed with enhancing minerals. This company made it their goal to not only have the purest water available, but to make their water bottles very economically clean as well.

Waiakea Water has made an outstanding achievement regarding their water bottles. They have generated technology that allows the bottle itself to degrade up to 97% fast than traditional bottles. The bottle will degrade in only 15 years whereas traditional water bottles take up to 1,500 years to do so. This is one of the most amazing achievements ever made regarding the water bottle industry. This alone is enough to draw the attention of consumers to Waiakea Water products. However, the company doesn’t stop there.
The company also announced that they would be the first to release a bottle that is made from totally post recycled plastic. That’s right, this company has totally changed the way that water bottles are perceived. Not only will they degrade much faster, they are fully post recycled. Waiakea water bottles are the coolest bottles ever.

Waiakea Water Spearheading Environmental Conservation

The problem of environmental pollution through huge deposits of non-recyclable plastic has been a challenge for a very long time. With the continuous deposit of such wastes, the existence of life would be highly affected in future. As such, it has been the initiative of all people and companies concerned with conserving the environment to come up with a strategy of eliminating this risk. Waiakea Water which is a Hawaiian volcanic water brand has been on the forefront of conserving the environment while offering the quality drinking water.

The company is set to start packaging the water in fully degradable packaging. The operation is set to commence next year. With this innovation, the lifespan of the packaging product is set to be reduced by 98%. With the new approach of the packaging products, the scientists have been able to come up with this new technology which is expected to change the industry completely. It is the first company to use the TimePlast nano-additive. This depicts the interest that the company has for the interests of not only the customers but also in conserving the environment.

The Company was founded in the year 2012. It has outstanding performance based on the initiatives that it partakes. It has always been concerned with the packaging of healthy and sustainable water. The packaged water has its origin from Hawaii. The company utilizes the volcano to come up with unique drinking water. The water is characterized by the numerous minerals derived from the mountains. The drinking water is not limited to the customers living only in Hawaii. The water is availed to customers residing also in the United States.

The customers are always happy with the brand because they are aware that they drink water derived from the islands and processed to perfection. The primary goal of this incredible company is to bring an astounding transformation to the water bottling industry. With the increase in the number of customers, the company continues to produce more products. It is in this accord that the company seeks to produce products that suit the demands of the customers and at the same time conserve the environment.