Securus Technologies Customers Refer Technology

There is now a platform for you to leave your customer comments and refer technology with the Securus Technologies network. Their well known CEO, Rick A. Smith told PRN Newswire they make it their priority to put the needs of their customers first. Thousands of customers have switched to their network because they’ve heard about their feedback forum listed on their website. Their customers have been able to give feedback on their technology, refer services, become a part of their crime prevention in initiative, and interact with others. Best of all, they have price compared $4 to $1 with their stiff neck competitors.


Securus Customer Preferred Technology


Their customers have been using their feedback forum to discuss many of their features, but their inmate voicemail has been very popular. Inmate voicemail allows their customer to leave a facility approved message for an inmate at any time. If you pay a one time fee, have their inmate number, and are eighteen years of age or older, you can use the inmate calling feature to drop by and say hello or help a client prepare for an upcoming hearing. Become a part of the Securus family by subscribing to their features under their descriptive tabs listed on their website today.


Securus Technologies to Offer High Technology Solutions

Securus Technologies emerged in the year 1986 not only to serve the correctional facilities but to also to provide relevant technology solution the curb the insecurity brought through crimes. Securus technologies are a facility that offers communication solutions to the correction centers enabling communication between the inmate and the outside world and also within correction facilities.


Entrepreneurship and teamwork are in the culture within the company. The employees in the Securus Technologies work together on a daily basis so as to improve on services they offer to the correction facilities. Numerous numbers of clients get satisfied by the company’s services and therefore they flock their services. The company has gathered good reviews from its clients and enjoys exceptional reputation within their customers. The company also monitors all the operations within the correction centers to ensure safety of the community.


Rick Smith is the current CEO and the president of Securus Technologies. He is an internationally recognized figure in investments and a specialist too. He took over the leadership of Securus Technologies in 2008. Prior his leadership in Securus, rick smith worked in various disciplines in different firms. Eschelon Telecom’s great achievement from $30 million to $350 entirely depended on his skills. He has worked in accounting area, operation area and management and IT area.


Under his leadership in Securus Technologies, the company has managed to invest large amount of money in developments within the technology that they use in customer services. He is the overseer of the developments in the company. Securus has also developed partnerships with technology companies in the correction market. Many innovations by the company have been patented under his leadership. Rick smith is always in pursuit of education and current trends in technology. He is a holder of both associate degree in academic and bachelor and master’s degree in Engineering from Buffalo based University and the state university of New York.

Securus Technologies: A Leader in Innovation and Technology

Securus technologies is a prison based company that is located in Dallas, United States of America. It was established back in 1986 and had branch offices in Texas and Atlanta as well. The company boasts of employing at least 1000 subordinated whose contracts exceed 2600.These workers serve in different correctional centers around the United States and Canada. In 2016, Securus had invested more than $600 million in technology. Their achievements include at least 140 patents and three years of acquisitions.


In 2004, when T-Netix and Evercom companies merged at the time when they were the big fish in the market. Securus got a chance in 2007 when it acquired the international brand leader in systems of offender management. The company succeeded in the eradication of contraband phones. In 2006, they received a boost after more than five correctional centers approved them.


In 2016 July, Securus partnered with the Harris Corporation to develop the cell defender technology. This year, the company introduced a wireless containment solution whose main aim was to bar contraband phones from connecting to any networks. This company has been involved in setting up video calls centers in prison where inmates can now communicate with their loved ones. Also, Securus engineered the introduction of biometric identification of prisoners.


Securus has majored mainly in providing communication, tracking services, and government information management. It has been recognized as a leader in bringing to market different innovations and being responsive in customer care. Securus has always focused on fulfilling correctional facilities needs in technology and this, in turn, has enforced laws to the community as a whole.


Securus huge steps of success have been defined by the six awards they have received from customer sales and service world awards. The company has gained international recognition for mainly supporting customer care services. The company has brought out the real meaning of civil and criminal justice solutions for technology.


Facilities Being Provided By Securus Technologies

I know that many people think that Securus Technologies provides only phone services for inmates. But this is not true. Ask any prison or jail officials, and they will tell you that Securus Technologies has been able to help them in nabbing criminals as well as ensuring that crimes are stopped from occurring in the first place.


Basically, Securus Technologies has an effective backend system for its inmate’s phone service network. This allows recording and replaying of calls that have been made between inmates or between inmates and their friends and family members. This is highly effective when jail and prison officials wish to resolve any pending cases or want to know what is happening inside the facility or what is being planned.


I have seen a number of emails and formal letters coming from these officials to Securus Technologies where they have spoken about how monitoring these phone calls has helped them to know if any arms or contraband is being smuggled into the facility. Hence they are able to stop this from happening. This also helps in knowing who the corrupt jail officials are and getting a search warrant for them accordingly.


This has also helped the jail authorities to be able to nab millions of dollars’ worth of contraband, arms, and cash from these facilities. This way they have been able to make the facilities much safer for the inmates.


All these products and services from Securus Technologies are designed to enhance the safety of inmates, their families, friends, and even the parolees. This way the community becomes safer as a whole.


In fact, Securus Technologies is into safety completely. It has become a part of the DNA of everyone at Securus Technologies. They are constantly looking at innovative ways to provide better services to their clients.