Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry Solutions

One of the healthy lifestyle solutions people often overlooked due to their busy schedules is sleep. While this is true, we need to advance in technology and medical values to understand that medicine is better for those seeking achievements. If you are engaged in active business solutions, one of the few individuals you might consider seeking is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. This is because he is geared towards solving the sleep problems people face in and out of the United States, his experience is unparalleled in the medical industry. His reputation and recognition in the medical world are also unprecedented. Few people can announce their success in comparison to Dr. Weisfogel.

Sleep deprivation often amounts to numerous undesired effects in the human life. For those who are not experiencing these solutions, they will never achieve the best business capabilities in a manner that depicts better business values. When you engage in lack of sleep, your brain and body do not get the required amount of rest to help it achieve the best in the immune system. Research also shows that enough sleep amounts to longevity and an improved immune system. Sleep deprivation also amounts to bloodshot eyes that are characterized by a frown face among the individuals.

While the older generation will keep on advising the young people to deny themselves sleep for the sake of achieving the best in the world., Dr. Weisfogel does not advocate for lack of enough sleep at the expense of making money. While you can make all the money in the world, you will spend it when you are old enough to receive the maximum effects of sleep apnea. Sleep conditions come in as a result of prolonged lack of enough sleep among people. While the disease appears to be lofty, it is one of the most expensive illnesses to treat in the world.

Dr. Weisfogel is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company. Dr. Weisfogel founded the company in 2014 when he was recognized as the best dentist of the year by the American Medical Association. During that time, he wanted to solve the numerous sleep problems facing people in and out of the country.

Waiakea Water Spearheading Environmental Conservation

The problem of environmental pollution through huge deposits of non-recyclable plastic has been a challenge for a very long time. With the continuous deposit of such wastes, the existence of life would be highly affected in future. As such, it has been the initiative of all people and companies concerned with conserving the environment to come up with a strategy of eliminating this risk. Waiakea Water which is a Hawaiian volcanic water brand has been on the forefront of conserving the environment while offering the quality drinking water.

The company is set to start packaging the water in fully degradable packaging. The operation is set to commence next year. With this innovation, the lifespan of the packaging product is set to be reduced by 98%. With the new approach of the packaging products, the scientists have been able to come up with this new technology which is expected to change the industry completely. It is the first company to use the TimePlast nano-additive. This depicts the interest that the company has for the interests of not only the customers but also in conserving the environment.

The Company was founded in the year 2012. It has outstanding performance based on the initiatives that it partakes. It has always been concerned with the packaging of healthy and sustainable water. The packaged water has its origin from Hawaii. The company utilizes the volcano to come up with unique drinking water. The water is characterized by the numerous minerals derived from the mountains. The drinking water is not limited to the customers living only in Hawaii. The water is availed to customers residing also in the United States.

The customers are always happy with the brand because they are aware that they drink water derived from the islands and processed to perfection. The primary goal of this incredible company is to bring an astounding transformation to the water bottling industry. With the increase in the number of customers, the company continues to produce more products. It is in this accord that the company seeks to produce products that suit the demands of the customers and at the same time conserve the environment.

How Daniel Mark Harrison Is Setting the Trend in the World of Cryptocurrency

Money Capital is a hedge fund which invests in SpaceX and blocks chain systems. The company also speculates on Cryptocurrency making it among the first to sell Pre-ICO options bringing a lot of real buzz around the enterprise. The company has a group of expertise and a blend of high-quality managers. Monkey Capital produces Ethereum gains in its investments, receiving a 6-star rating from renowned talk show host. The company ICO was also referred to as the Billion Dollar Baboon once launched. According to the managing partners Daniel Mark, the company has already distributed the COEVAL which will enable the holder purchase MNY tokens at a lower price during the auction.

Daniel Mark Harris is a known entrepreneur, author, and media expert; he is currently the chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison company since Oct 2015. The company is a family office with several offices in places like Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The primary goal of the company is to grow the family businesses and assets.

Mark graduated from Oxford University with a BA in theology in 1999, progressed to do his masters in Norwegian Business School and graduated in 2006; He also enrolled for a master in Journalism at New York University. Mark has many publications to his name and has contributed for years to coinspeaker.com. Daniel has managed to grow the readership of the website to over 450,000 readers per month. He has written a lot of breaking stories. He has also contributed Marx Rand as a publisher and editor which has written a lot of high-profile stories. Daniel has also been a columnist for Motley fool from 2009-2015 during which his primary role was recommending stock prices. He has also published books like Butterflies and The Millennial Reincarnations also guest posts for sites like forbes,street.com, wall street journal among others.

Before joining Monkey Capital, Daniel Mark Harrison held other positions, such as Co-founder of Stanley court Ltd from 201-2013 in Bangkok and later moved to Manisuco Ltd in China and served as the Senior Manager. He also served as a consultant with M and A capital Advisory. During his tenure in the company, he ensured investment growth by introducing a mechanism that aided in growth. These are just but few of the companies where he had a stint. He in no doubt has a successful career.

Louis Chenevert’s Successful Journey to UTC

Louis Chenevert is an influential figure in the competitive technology market. When looking at his tall stature, you will get a true reflection of his accomplishments. According to his portfolio, the businessman has served as a general manager in an institution known as General Motors. After working for this company for more than fourteen years, the businessman felt that it was time to venture into a different department. During these years, Louis was also serving as the chairman of a company known as United Technologies Corporation. Popularly known as UTC, the institution made a lot of progress under the leadership of the businessman.

Louis is a French-Canadian who has a lot of expertise when it comes to production management. The businessman went for his education at some of the best schools in the world, and he has earned respect in the companies he has worked with. His educational background is believed to have played a primary role in his successful career.

Getting an opportunity to serve at the prestigious UTC was not given on a silver platter. The businessman had to work very hard for more than ten years at General Motors so that he could acquire needed work at the huge corporation. The businessman also served in a company known as Pratt & Whitney before he could finally join the large company. After working in this institution based in Canada for more than six years, Louis was fortunate to be elected as the president of the entire Pratt and Whitney division in the year 1999. The businessman served in this role for more than a decade before he could finally get the role of chief executive officer and president at UTC.

As the leader of the technology company, the successful investment manager has done so much to empower businesses and companies from all over the world. The businessman believes that the modern market has changed, and it is paramount for all people to embrace the new technology so that they can match the standard that has been set by most of the institutions. While working at UTC, Louis is believed to have done so much. He left the company in 2014.

Helping People get Education with George Soros

Encouraging people to learn as much as possible is one of the things George Soros enjoys the most. He values education and understands the necessity of it. This understanding comes from George’s personal experience in different educational facilities and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. His story is remarkable even though it is straightforward and more people should learn more about his past because it brought him to the point he reached not. This kind of encouragement helps people to understand him better, and ti also inspires them to look into philanthropy if possible. Today it is not as important whom you know but how much you support those who cannot help themselves and read full artilce.

George Soros comes from Hungary. Born in Hungary in the 30s Soros was able to survive the war and then emigrate to London. He worked different jobs to pay for school. He didn’t turn down any job to be able to pay for schooling. Soros wanted to work in finance, and he also knew that his talent was within the field so after graduating from the London School of Economics, he applied for all investment jobs possible until one of them was successful. It was the beginning of his career in the field of finance and investment.

In later years George Soros emigrated to the US where he also worked in finance before creating his first Foundation. He was able to start helping people who were not as lucky as he was able to be. This way he was able to use his influence and make the world a better place. His Foundation supports education in many countries. One of the schools he helped fund is the Riga Graduate School of Law in the Baltic country of Latvia which is only one of the post-Soviet countries that have seen this kind of support and assistance and what George Soros knows.

Education is essential to George Soros because he knows that it helped him to become who he is today. He was able to keep himself on the right track and work hard to achieve what he did, but he also understands that not everybody is that lucky and they don’t have the possibilities he had. And it encouraged his philanthropy and also introduced George Soros to the different ways he was able to help and Follow his Twitter.

His story is encouraging to people who are thinking about a similar path. He is an obvious example that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. It is also important to be ready to work hard because it makes achieving your goals possible. For people who can help others – that is one of the things they should consider because if the roles were reversed, the appreciation would be different. It is also becoming more of a trend and more information click here.

Other Reference: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/05/jeffrey-katzenberg-dreamworks-barack-obama-fundraiser/


A $7.5 Million Recycling Center Unveiled at OCC

Orange Coast College (OCC) embarked on completing all projects documented in its Vision 2020. Some of the projects featured in the Vision include a modern planetarium, new student housing, and a recently commissioned recycling center.

OCC commissioned its new recycling center on the 14th of September. Many guests attended the commissioning ceremony including Costa Mesa’s Mayor, Katrina Foley, OCC’S President, Dennis Harkins, OCC’s Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator, Michael “Recycle” Carey, and other guests. According to Foley, the modern recycling center will contribute immensely to the economy of Costa Mesa. Harkins affirms that the new facility is a symbol of OCC’s commitment to conserve the environment while providing jobs. And Carey was awed by all the improvements incorporated into the design of the recycling center. Learn more: http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-occ-recycling-20170914-story.html

A comparison between the old and the new recycling centers at OCC reveals major differences. For example, the former facility located on a one-acre piece of land had limited parking spaces, but the new building which sits on an expansive piece of land has an ample parking space. The new recycling center has classrooms, showers, offices, a conference hall, and a first aid room among other new features. Also, various materials are now accepted in the center unlike in the past. Learn more: http://www.coastline.edu/myccc/

The new recycling center is seeking to conserve the environment beyond recycling materials. For example, the new center’s administrative building has solar panels. The solar panels are used to power eco-friendly solar tubes for indoor lighting. Presently, Carey and other officials are working towards achieving energy-efficient certifications for the facility.

The modern recycling center was constructed at the cost of $7.5 million. A lot of funds came from organizations such as Measure M and CR&R. Some classes within the new facility were named after Cliff Ronnenberg and his spouse. Ronnenberg is the founder and chief executive of CR&R.


Amicus Therapeutics is a Company you can Trust

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that is run by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John F. Crowley. Crowley’s children were both diagnosed with Pompe disease a rare neuromuscular disorder. Driven to create a cure for his children he delved into biotechnology without looking back. He was a father with a mission to save his kids, and that passion still drives the Amicus Therapeutics work ethic (Twitter). You can read more about John F. Crowley in “The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million-And Bucked the Medical Establishment-In a Quest to Save His Children” by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Geeta Anand as well as his book “Chasing Miracles: The Crowley Family Journey of Strength, Hope, and Joy” (https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FOLD?ltr=1) Amicus Therapeutics deals in biopharmaceutical which is a biological medical product used to treat a range of devastatingly rare diseases. One of their main biopharmaceutical products is Migalastat. Migalastat is used to treat patients with Fabry disease. Fabry is an X-linked disease with mutations in the GLA gene. Mutations in this cause alpha-Gal A, to be deficient or altogether absent. They create many others including ATB200/AT2221 a Pompe disease enzyme replacement therapy. Pompe disease is a Lysosomal Storage Disorder that is caused by a deficient amount of the enzyme acid alpha-glucosidase. Amicus Therapeutics has many different programs that are all geared toward rare and orphaned diseases, and their mission statement is simply to fight. It is a company that is driven to create a cure. They have many supporters including the Michael J. Fox Organization which donated a $500,000 grant for the furtherment of their practice and assisting David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Amicus Therapeutics will not stop. Their mission statement even reads, “We seek to deliver the highest quality therapies for persons living with these diseases.” Using the power of their minds and thinking differently the staff is passionate about what they do and what they do is save lives.

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Osteo Relief Institute New Jersey

Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey can help ease the chronic pain arthritis, of which there are over 100 types. Arthritis is a real common disease, but many do not know the facts. Over 50 million people in the United States have some form, and it is the contributing reason for impairment in the country.


In addition, Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, which is also called degenerative joint disease. What happens is that as one is aging, the cartilage breaks down and wears away, so this allows the bones to scrape and pain is the outcome in the joint (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/blog/). Matters are made worse by several factors which include obesity, heredity, age and any injuries one has experienced.


Indeed, some of the best ways that anyone can manage osteoarthritis is stretching before bed, walking and getting medical treatments, including beating addiction to smoking. Remember that movement is key to less pain, disability, degeneration and possibly avoiding meds or surgery entirely.


In any case, there are a variety of medications available to help the pain, stiffness, and inflammation that typically come with arthritis. Taking medication is one option, but drugs do have long term effects, and side effects as well. So, it is important to be evaluated at the Osteo Relief Institute, see what is needed and the options for the best treatment.


Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey loves giving patients the most helpful, modern OA treatments for a positive result. They offer a free introductory screening to determine if they can offer specific, beneficial treatment or not. Osteo Relief Institute believes in welcoming patients just like they are family because pain is personal, and they do understand that (Philly Purge).


Above all, one has to learn that he cannot make repetitive movements anywhere with his body or he will pay a price later. Stress injuries happen with typing, writing, painting, and the hands pay for it from having done repetitious motions. Avoid doing stuff such as running, jumping, tennis and golf. Water exercise helps so much with taking stress off the joints.


Call Osteo Relief Institute today for a free screening!


Securus Technologies: A Leader in Innovation and Technology

Securus technologies is a prison based company that is located in Dallas, United States of America. It was established back in 1986 and had branch offices in Texas and Atlanta as well. The company boasts of employing at least 1000 subordinated whose contracts exceed 2600.These workers serve in different correctional centers around the United States and Canada. In 2016, Securus had invested more than $600 million in technology. Their achievements include at least 140 patents and three years of acquisitions.


In 2004, when T-Netix and Evercom companies merged at the time when they were the big fish in the market. Securus got a chance in 2007 when it acquired the international brand leader in systems of offender management. The company succeeded in the eradication of contraband phones. In 2006, they received a boost after more than five correctional centers approved them.


In 2016 July, Securus partnered with the Harris Corporation to develop the cell defender technology. This year, the company introduced a wireless containment solution whose main aim was to bar contraband phones from connecting to any networks. This company has been involved in setting up video calls centers in prison where inmates can now communicate with their loved ones. Also, Securus engineered the introduction of biometric identification of prisoners.


Securus has majored mainly in providing communication, tracking services, and government information management. It has been recognized as a leader in bringing to market different innovations and being responsive in customer care. Securus has always focused on fulfilling correctional facilities needs in technology and this, in turn, has enforced laws to the community as a whole.


Securus huge steps of success have been defined by the six awards they have received from customer sales and service world awards. The company has gained international recognition for mainly supporting customer care services. The company has brought out the real meaning of civil and criminal justice solutions for technology.


Whitney Wolfe: Ready To ‘Bumble’

If you simply cannot seem to find that special someone then you need to know about Whitney Wolfe. Whitney Wolfe is a business owner, entrepreneur and the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe specifically launched the dating app Bumble because she reportedly understands dating.

For singles who are not yet familiar with this particular app, Bumble is one of the more recently released dating apps. It currently is said to have over a million users. The Bumble app is complimented for making meeting new possible mates both safe and fun.

Bumble members can make mutual decisions regarding the members they choose to see and speak with online. The Bumble app also makes it very easy for users to quickly check out other singles. They simply take one finger and swipe right.

Users make connections within a period of 24 hours. This not only makes it more fun but also more timely or immediate than several of the other ways of speaking with mutual matches. Additionally, they can spend time chatting with each other and even sharing photographs in a safe and secure fashion.

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Whitney Wolfe is also the co-founder of Tinder. While working on Tinder she learned that, in general, more men than women use various online dating apps. Ergo, when she set out to create the dating app, she decided to slightly alter the dating scene. She chose to go with a “ladies first” angle.

Upon establishing a connection, the (heterosexual) woman is responsible for making the first move. If the woman doesn’t make the first move within the first hour or one of the pair of ladies in a gay/lesbian match, then the match will disappear. There’s no issue with women changing their minds during searches either.

Whitney Wolfe knows that with about two-thirds of all women searching for a long-term commitment instead of a one-nighter, permitting them to be in charge is an important selling point. Both of her apps, Bumble and Tinder, are frequently slotted in among the top four dating apps. Whitney Wolfe herself has been featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list.