Protect yourself from Cyber Hacking

It is no fun being hacked. this may be a sentiment that really doesn’t need to be said. However, this is something we hear quite often along with individuals telling us, “I was hacked” ( This may surprise you but hacking is a crime that has been growing every year. The cyber hackers who are on the internet are getting smarts and much more evasive.


This is why it is important that you have cyber security. Just as you need security for your home, so too will you need security for your online identity or business.


What is Rubica?


Rubica is an app that has been designed to protect your online identity and security. Too often we hear the cries and the pleas of people who tell us “I was hacked” and as a result, they feel very threatened online.


At any moment someone can hack into their accounts or take and use their identity. This issue of using a personal identity is one of the most threatening and damaging of cyber crimes.


many people are sued or perceived as criminals because of what a cyber hacker has done with their identity. As disconcerting as this may sound this information is not here to frighten you but to inform you.


You need Cyber security


You need cyber security, especially if you are owning a business or frequently handling a lot of personal information online. The need to secure and protect your identity and finances is important, especially in today’s society where many criminal hackers are getting much more ingenious with their means of taking and using peoples identity.


Why choose our App?


With so many Apps out there it can be very difficult trying to find the right app to protect you or the right program. However, we pride our services of protecting you with the fact that our cyber security system is constantly being improved and worked on by programmers and ethical hackers who have all worked for governmental bodies such as the NSA. If they can protect governmental secrets they can protect the every man’s secrets as well.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Tips

In New York, a lawyer is one of the most influential individuals in the society. A lawyer is required by New Yorkers to handle child custody issues, criminal matters, problems between a landlord and a tenant or other legal issues. The New York State Bar Association has thus created a trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) to help locate competent lawyers. The New Yorkers can now have access to experienced lawyers in their community.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched the latest online portal for individuals searching for lawyers. The services displayed on the portal are convenient because they are available for twenty-four hours. The web address to the online portal is If otherwise preferred, the individual seeking a lawyer’s services can use the telephone services of the LRIS.

The LRIS is suitable for people undergoing stress. It is characterized as an easy and reliable way to get help. The LRIS also provides service satisfaction to its clients. It is almost guaranteed that with the use of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, individuals will be linked with attorneys whose credentials have been adequately analyzed.

The New York State Bar Association has partnered with which is a popular technology in the legal industry. deals with referral management. This partnership has created a scale on the legal services delivery. Over the years, the business has been beneficial to the people of New York. The New Yorkers have access to the best legal services at a lower cost as well as access to a trusted platform. The creation of the online portal has created a massive consumption of online law business in New York.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the founders of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Before establishing his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked in Watchell & Katz law firm. Since then, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in significant corporate transactions. Jeremy Goldstein is also a member of compensation committees.

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Talk Fusion CEO Brings Insight, Expertise To HuffPost Readers

Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, will continue to bring his insight and expertise to the newly rebranded HuffPost. Formerly known as the Huffington Post, to rebranded site will turn its focus giving voice to the people who have been “left out of the story,” according to the new Editor in Chief, Lydia Polgreen.


This type of focus is right up Reina’s alley. As CEO of Talk Fusion, it has been his goal to make technology and marketing services available to all business, both big and small. Through the use of the company’s All-in-One Video Marketing Solution, small businesses and entrepreneurs have access to some of the most cutting edge technology in the market.


Bob Reina has been a contributor to HuffPost since August of 2106 and he plans to contribute well into the future. A firm believer in innovation, Reina says that a company’s growth is never complete. He has been a big fan of HuffPost’s rebranding and is pleased that they are focusing on the things that matter, such as “culture and fulfillment.” Learn more:


No doubt, HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers will benefit from Reina’s experience and expertise. His most recent article, the first of his under the new name, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” has been well received and getting good reviews.


Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by standing apart from their competition. The company offer a variety of marketing solutions for businesses but their most popular, and awarded, product is the all-in-one Video marketing Solution. Learn more:


All of the company’s products are marketed by Independent Associates in over 140 countries. This gives Talk Fusion a level of personal touch that other corporations just do not have. New customer can now try Talk Fusion’s products with a 30 free trial, no credit card needed.

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Jason Hope and His Vision for the Future

Futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope knows what’s coming. The Internet of Things will take over modern life as we know it. If this sounds a little ominous, don’t worry. The Internet of Things relates to smart technology being more fully integrated into our daily lives. Most of us already rely on our smart phones and tablets for communication, shopping, social media and weather updates. Jason Hope surmises that soon we will be connected to our kitchen appliances, cars and other everyday items. The interconnectedness of smart technology will create less crowded roads, better maintained public transportation and just make life easier in general. Jason Hope believes that this shift will create a hungry marketplace in the next few years, with companies producing more effective consumer driven smart technology. Our acceptance of the Internet of Things will be cohesive and natural and more information click here.

Jason Hope is a diverse business man with a desire to help humankind. He attended Arizona State University where Jason Hope received a degree in Finance. His graduate work was completed at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he received his MBA. He is an investor in cutting edge technology companies that focus on marketing services, interactive software and digital media solutions. Jason Hope is a frequent blogger for the popular site and enjoys exploring new ideas about the future of technology and what Jason knows.

Philanthropy is a driving force for Jason Hope. He donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation in 2010. The SENS Research Foundation is dedicated to researching age related diseases. It’s Jason’s desire to help prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; he believes that the focus should be on preventing age related diseases instead of looking for cures. By using technology Jason Hope is confident that medical science can make great leaps in the future to solve these prevailing and devastating health issues and resume him.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Putting Pressure on Amazon

Amazon dominates the online apparel niche, in fact, hundreds of clothing retailers are trying to make money while Amazon coasts by with 20 percent of all the sales in that niche. Amazon has had such an easy go of it lately that they don’t even take the competition serious anymore. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one company that is about to really put the pressure on Amazon, already taking in an impressive $250 million in sales of workout apparel in a couple years.


To pull in that type of money in such a short time, you would think the success is either short-lived or a fluke. Hudson says her unique membership plan and her reverse showrooming sales practice are the foundation to the success of the company. Take a closer look at the Fabletics stores in the mall, there is no pressure from associates to buy, they are encouraging you to take a lifestyle quiz to actually enhance your membership perks. Women in the store are trying on as many items as they like, many leaving the store without making a single purchase.


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has recorded such huge sales numbers is simple, it all happens at the e-commerce store. When these customers are more relaxed and want to shop from home on a mobile device, they log into their Fablectics account and all those items from the mall that they were trying on are sitting in their account. Now since these customers have already tried on the clothing and know how everything fits, they can simply start browsing the huge online inventory for compatibles or colors that they didn’t see in the store. Now they can be the first at the gym to show off their new exciting yoga pants or workout apparel.


Member benefits at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics do not end there, women are getting free shipping on their orders, deep-discounts on all active-wear, even the help of a personal shopping assistant assigned to each customer. Your assistant takes your quiz answers and looks for new arrivals they may think you are interested in. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is giving buyers exactly what they have always wanted in a shopping experience.

The Outstanding Administration Expertise Of David McDonald

David McDonald is a revered business leader in the food and beverage industry. He served OSI Group as its CEO and has significantly facilitated its growth.

OSI Group is a firm that is internationally recognized in the food processing industry and the main products that it offers include poultry, pork, bacon, and beef. The enterprise also distributes sausages, fried foods, and pizzas to different stores across the United States. The excellent administration of OSI Group has supported it to make significant accomplishments in the sector. McDonald has dedicated himself to creating and enacting strategies that are sustainable. This has enabled the company to keep thriving despite several changes that occur in the markets.

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McDonald is also committed to making sure that the firm has excellent health and safety practices for its employees. According to him, a company can ensure optimal production by keeping its employees strong and comfortable. As the head of the firm, David makes sure that all its staff member are informed on the safety procedures that should be followed when handling different types of machines. He has also come up with an effective plan that takes care of the healthcare needs of the employees. McDonald has also been leading the firm to maintain an outstanding quality of products. All the food products that are manufactured by OSI Group are in the safest and healthiest state. They all also meet all the quality standards that have been set by the industry.

David McDonald OSI Group has held different administrative roles during his career, and he understands how to drive business to success. According to him, an enterprise should always empower employees for them to satisfy the needs of the customers. David of is a former board member of the America Meat Institute. His management skills have improved since he joined OSI Group. Before being made the CEO, McDonald served as the chief operations officer of the food processor. Holding the top position allowed him to gain sufficient knowledge of running a successful and sustainable enterprise. He has been striving to ensure the success of the company in the local and global markets.

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A Profile on Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Chief Exexcutive Officer Anthony “Tony” Petrello has been admired in the business community as one of the top leaders and innovators in the oil and gas drilling space and in the overall business community and learn more about Petrello.

He began his work with Nabors Industries in 1991, serving on the company’s Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the board. He served as President and Chief Operating Officer for an impressive 20-year span from 1991 to 2011 and also has been the Deputy Chairman since 2003. Clearly, he has worked in many top leadership positions that have helped mold the company into the global leader it is today. He also provides key vision in the strategic planning sector, helping the company navigate the evolving industry.

Before he began his career with Nabors Industries, Petrello worked at the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie. He even spent 2 years as the Managing Partner of the firm’s booming New York office where he worked on international arbitration and corporate law. Prior to that, he was a continued higher education and received a bachelors degree and masters degree from Yale in mathematics, as well as earned his law degree from Harvard University and more information click here.

Tony Petrello continually donates his time, effort and leadership expertise to fuel other entities or businesses that can benefit form the success he has had and the experience he has gained throughout his booming career.

Anthony and Cynthia’s daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL. She was born premature. Since this time, both Anthony and Cynthia have worked tirelessly to support the work that the Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute has done to learn more and hopefully prevent these types of neurological disorders in children and babies. Not only have the two donated millions of dollars of their own funds and spearheaded fundraising events, but they donate their time on a consistent basis. Among his other board seats, Petrello sits on the board of trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital and his Twitter.

In addition to that board seat, Petrello is a director for oil giant Stewart & Stephenson, LLC and Hilcorp Companies and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

Kim Dao Takes Us River Dining in Kyoto

On May 3,2017, Kim Dao took a train to Kyoto to do some river dining at Hirobunin Kibune. The restaurant Kim Dao took us to looked like an outdoor pavilion where some people picnic. Kim Dao feasted on Japanese vegetables, fruits, and rice in a buffet style. The restaurant is located over a river, kind of like a bridge would be over a water way. There was a small waterfall over the back part of the eating place. The restaurant also serves smoked and raw fish.Learn more :


After lunch, Kim Dao and her friend headed to the Bamboo Forest in Arashima. They took a train and had to walk several blocks from the station to the bamboo forest. The walk through the town wasn’t any different from most towns in the world, except for a rickshaw and its driver. Kim Dao walked across a bridge that was so one with trees, you could barely see the sky. There some people who jogged across the bridge.Learn more :


After a walk through the forest, Kim Dao and friend returned to Kyoto to do some shopping and have dinner. Kim Dao feasted on some fried chicken and some slaw. She had a parfait with some fruit and some frozen yogurt for dessert. It was soon night fall. Kim Dao walked through the town and noticed some water fountains spurting water high in the air. Some of the fountains spurted water in colors of red. blue, and green. After a full day, Kim Dao returned home.Learn more :

Will We See Changes in Our Economic Growth?

Tim Armour recently made a statement concerning Warren Buffett. Buffett announced that he highly recommends passive index investments and would bet one million dollars that he could surpass any manager of hedge funds utilizing this method. However, Tim stated that this would not be the best approach because of passive index investments can typically be underestimated and unknown to the investor. Tim commented that it’s not about active or passive investment banking, but more so about delivering investments that are long term and have a low cost.

To properly identify hedge fund managers who are exceptional, an investor must choose a manager that is not afraid to invest their own money and toss out high cost funds. Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, started his career at The Associate’s Program at Capital and has over 32 years of experience there. He received economics bachelor’s degree at Middlebury and in 2015 Tim expressed his opinion about the U.S economy. He commented that the economy was not growing at the rate people expected and it would probably be best for investors to invest in short term interest rates versus long term and more information click here.

According to Tim Armour, global markets can change in the direction of economic growth, higher inflation, and rising interest rates. The markets have recently shown signs of struggling equities and in November, after the election of Donald Trump, the asset prices dramatically changed. Some asset managers continue to express skepticism after the election. And need further assurance that the sluggish economic growth will change for the better in the near future.

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Facilities Being Provided By Securus Technologies

I know that many people think that Securus Technologies provides only phone services for inmates. But this is not true. Ask any prison or jail officials, and they will tell you that Securus Technologies has been able to help them in nabbing criminals as well as ensuring that crimes are stopped from occurring in the first place.


Basically, Securus Technologies has an effective backend system for its inmate’s phone service network. This allows recording and replaying of calls that have been made between inmates or between inmates and their friends and family members. This is highly effective when jail and prison officials wish to resolve any pending cases or want to know what is happening inside the facility or what is being planned.


I have seen a number of emails and formal letters coming from these officials to Securus Technologies where they have spoken about how monitoring these phone calls has helped them to know if any arms or contraband is being smuggled into the facility. Hence they are able to stop this from happening. This also helps in knowing who the corrupt jail officials are and getting a search warrant for them accordingly.


This has also helped the jail authorities to be able to nab millions of dollars’ worth of contraband, arms, and cash from these facilities. This way they have been able to make the facilities much safer for the inmates.


All these products and services from Securus Technologies are designed to enhance the safety of inmates, their families, friends, and even the parolees. This way the community becomes safer as a whole.


In fact, Securus Technologies is into safety completely. It has become a part of the DNA of everyone at Securus Technologies. They are constantly looking at innovative ways to provide better services to their clients.