John Ritenour on Giving Back to The Community

John Ritenour co-founded the company Insurance Office of America (IOA). The company provides full-service insurance services to various people and organizations.

John’s background

Born and raised in Pittsburg, John faced many struggles as a child. These struggles motivated him to become a philanthropist later in life to give back to the underprivileged people in society. His organization goes beyond providing basic needs to the needy. He aims to breed positivity and offer other people mobility to sustain themselves in the long run.

Corporate 5k event

The Corporate 5k initiative by the IOA is a racing event that brings people together to help raise awareness for many central Florida causes. Those teams that perform well get prizes. During the race, local businesses also join hands to promote fitness and support other charitable organizations and causes in Florida. John Ritenour’s contribution in the 5k event is indisputable as he has been pushing to sponsor the initiative.

The impact of charity

Giving back to the community, whether in the form of financial aid, awareness, or whichever means, can be very helpful in reaching out to the underprivileged in society. Ritenour believes that people should help each other achieve their potential instead of working against each other.

Working together

As an insurance producer, Ritenour has always worked hard to ensure that everyone has the freedom to give a unique structure to their businesses. Even at work, Ritenour does not add any commission to his producers, which acts as a motivation to work harder to provide their clients the best.

The Insurance Office of America Foundation

The foundation aims at providing children with education, mentorship, health, and social services until; they complete college. Moreover, the foundation is also involved in animal welfare. The main goal is to ensure that people are set for the long term.
The foundation believes in empowering the young generation to become better people in the future. Their events raise money for worthy causes in the community.


John Ritenour works hard to become successful, and he believes that other people can also become successful even with the challenges they may face. That is why he champions hard work and preparation by ensuring that children have long-life values to achieve their dreams.