Joseph Ashford Ellis: The Entrepreneur Who Invented the World’s Best Cheese on Toast

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the entrepreneur and owner of K4 Global, a company that specializes in cheese-on-toast. As well as owning this business, he also has various other businesses including Bournemouth Varsity. His success in cheese on toast can be attributed to his entrepreneurial spirit and his love for food. He loves to explore new flavors like smoked salmon with horseradish sauce or tomato soup with grilled cheddar bread – but nothing beats cheese on toast!

Bournemouth businessman has been in the cheese-on-toast business for 35 years, where he used to work in a factory making toast. He found out that toast was not being sold because it was not tasty enough, so after working there for 12 months, he decided to leave and start K4 Global Cheese on Toast Ltd with his brother, Jon Ashford.

As well as owning and running K4 Global, Joseph Ashford Ellis is also an inventor. He has registered over 38 patents for his inventions in the food industry. One of his recent additions in this field was a patent application (which is still pending) on Cheese-on-Toast in a Can! This invention has been described as a less messy version of Cheese on Toast!

In his free time, when he is not busy inventing new recipes for toast or running his cheese-on-toast business in the UK, he likes to relax in front of the television. His favorite shows are Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars because they “are always good for a contestant that you can get into”.

He is also an ardent footballer fan, supporting Manchester United and Bournemouth FC. When he was younger, he wanted to be either a footballer or cheese-on-toast seller when he grew up!

To Joseph Ashford Ellis, the key to success in his business is “being passionate about what you do and always trying to improve on what you have”. This is a lesson that can be applied in all areas of life and it is a philosophy that he lives by. He encourages everyone to “give it a go – it’s not easy but it’s worth it!” To know more click: here.