Kuwaiti European Holding – A Specialized Theme Park Developing Company

Kuwaiti European Holding has a long history in the Middle East. They are originally from Kuwait, which is located in Southern Asia. They have primarily focused on commercial real estate in the past few years and recently launched a new development in Dubai. Kuwaiti European Holding company also has several offices in other major cities across Europe as well as North America. This company also owns a majority share in the Dubai Gold Market, a privately owned company that manages and operates the world’s largest gold trading center.


The Kuwaiti European Holding corporation also has its main offices in the Middle East and has focused on establishing trading centers and financial services hubs all over the region. Kuwaiti European Holdings company also owns a 10 percent stake in the London Crystal Stadium and has an office in the City of London. The company also manages and operates several hotels in the region as well as several shopping malls and luxury resorts. The company currently has three shopping centers in Dubai, which it operates alongside four other independent shopping centers. 


The Kuwaiti European Holdings company also has several subsidiary companies, which include Investment Properties Dubai, which manages and investments in the different property sectors throughout Dubai also focused in investment projects concerning tourism and leisure. It also handles investments in the real estate, travel and leisure sectors throughout the Middle East. Its Middle East division handles the leisure and hospitality division, which is responsible for developing and expanding several theme parks, entertainment complexes, hotels, shopping malls, and hotels around the world. The London resort office of Kuwaiti European Holding is responsible for the projects in Dubai Shopping City, Al-Wasi Mall, and the Al-Wasi Grand Shopping City project.

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