Laura McQuade Talks About Her Life and Career

At this point, I think it’s safe to say Laura’s career has definitely not gone exactly the way she planned it but she’s always been able to bounce back. So what is her secret to being so resilient in a career that has continued to endure for more than 3 decades? She was a quick learner as she managed to sail through her high school career growing up on a dairy farm in the middle of Iowa. As such, she was able to get financial aid so she could go to whatever college she would decide on. In the end, holy cross turned out to be the one & it was here that she would really come into her own.

She had a good time making new friends & getting good grades but knew it was time to start thinking about her future. So she tried to make contacts with whomever she could in an effort to jump start her career. When she had put a cap on her college career, she then tried to see if she could get in to grad school. The only one that would take her was Yale so she settled for that. It was here that she got the opportunity to study and learn all about international relations. Once her academic career was in the rearview mirror, she went on to be the VP for bank of America. She knew it was a lot of responsibility but was soon thriving in this new role.

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