Leo Radvinsky’s Top Reasons for the Support of Open Source Technology

There are a lot of good things about open source technology, and tech entrepreneur and founder of the LR Foundation, Leonid Radvinsky, wants to talk about them to increase awareness. He sees the value in this technology and the revolution that’s bringing it to the forefront of development today, largely due to pandemic-induced changes in the way people did business. Here’s why he supports this tech.

  1. Open source is a level playing field, and that means developers at all skill levels can get involved. It offers quality collaboration, which includes a lot of opportunities for learning and growing so developers can get better at what they do.
  2. Open source costs less, which gives businesses a chance to continue software development, even when they may have had to reduce their budgets due to economic concerns from the pandemic, or for other lean times in their company.
  3. Open source is nearly limitless, and that means developers can continue to explore what it offers and push the boundaries of what it can do, in ways that will benefit them, and that will also have big benefits for others, too.

Leo Radvinsky believes the future of the business and technology world is tied to open source tech. There’s so much that it has to offer, there’s no reason not to continue exploring what it can do. With such large benefits, developers who don’t focus on open source options may be missing out on what they could build for the future.

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