In The Dr. Oz Show with Sudhir Choudhrie

Almost twenty years ago, Sudhir Choudhrie went through a successful heart transplant done by the most prevalent heart surgeon Dr. Oz Mehmet. Choudhrie has enjoyed a healthy life ever since he received the surgery. Having gone through the scariest moment in his life, Sudhir Choudhrie gained a passion for giving back to the community, being a sign of good faith to those who supported him. Through this forum, he also gives hope to people with heart challenges.

Sudhir Choudhrie has thirty years of experience in building and managing big businesses like TAJ hotel and Air Decan. In his entire career, Sudhir has earned profits that put him in a position that allows him to donate to different charities. For example, Choudhrie began the Choudhrie Family Foundation located in London, which has a primary role in Oz’s HealthCorps.

The Choudhrie started the Choudhrie Family Foundation to help in research related to education and medicine. Despite its tremendous contributions, the foundation is also crucial to people with heart transplant expectations and other patients. Similarly, the foundation plays an essential role in funding Health Corps campaigns which play a vital role in educating teens and older people in matters concerning the benefits of organ donation.

Sometimes back, Sudhir Choudhrie confirmed that he is so grateful for the heart transplant, and there is no price he can pay to cover for all those who supported him during that difficult period. The organization founded by Dr. Oz and his wife, Sudhir Choudhrie, is considered a more outstanding contribution to the forum. In the recent past, Oz put his foundation into use by educating the community members about the benefits of donating organs.

Dr. Oz also encouraged young people through his foundation to register as organ donors. Sudhir Choudhrie has also made significant contributions to the export market, and this is evident by his foundation of the Magnum International Trading Company.

Dr. Andrea Natale Is A Leader

Dr. Andrea NataleDr. Andrea Natale has practiced medicine in many different parts of the world, from Italy to the United States. Over the years, he has become an expert in cardiovascular medicine. An extremely dedicated cardiologist, Dr. Natale is eager to share his knowledge with professionals around the world. Here is why Dr. Natale has been commended for his incredible career.

Check Out His Unwavering Commitment To Research And Innovation

When it comes to creating extremely innovative treatments for certain heart conditions, Dr. Andrea Natale strongly believes that research is key. After spending many years researching electrophysiology, this award-winning cardiologist created a minimally invasive procedure to treat AFib. Keep in mind that he does not recommend traditional ablation procedures to cardiac patients.

By working with Ninety One Inc., Dr. Natale has recently developed several modern technologies for cardiac treatment. He truly enjoys creating innovative devices are specifically designed to improve patient care.

When he participates in interviews, Dr. Natale always shares his primary goal. Ever since he graduated medical school, Dr. Natale has been on a mission to ensure that people do not suffer from AFib.

In order to accomplish his remarkable goal, he strives to share his knowledge with the next generation of cardiology leaders. In past years, Dr. Andrea Natale has spoken at prominent conferences.

He truly wants to make a big difference in the lives of his cardiac patients.

Meet Dr. Andrea Natale: A Top American Cardiologist

When you speak to many of Dr. Natale’s patients, they will tell you that he is an extremely reputable cardiologist. In fact, he has been recognized as a top doctor in Ohio. Don’t you feel reassured?

Over the years, this noteworthy cardiologist has received several awards. He is the proud recipient of the Innovator Award and the First Humanitarian Award.

If you are like most people, you are probably asking yourself why Dr. Natale received several awards. Since he has shown an outstanding commitment to improving AFib treatment, many institutions wanted to honor him.

Dr. Natale is also praised for giving back to the community. He is a true humanitarian.

How Caribou Is Enhancing Its Services

Caribou Caribou is a parcel delivery company with over 20 years of experience delivering and distributing domestic and international parcels. The delivery company is designing its game-changing solution for parcel delivery in partnership with other premium partners.

The company offers its services globally with strategic locations in the UK at Manchester, Grantham, and Colchester. The company’s mission is to provide the optimum and pioneering delivery experience to the end-user. Caribou intends to utilize the current evolution in tech to offer the best delivery services across the globe.

Caribou staffs and management make the delivery experience fantastic; it is a place where they enjoy working and get opportunities to visit new places. Customers are the heart of the company; designing the system to ensure the best customer experience is vital for future growth and development. The company is driven by fairness, honesty, and passionate values.

The staffs are always happy being part of the company and work hard to make it big and prosperous. Due to its massive expansion across the UK, the company is hiring more staff to work on custom orders and deliveries. Through progressive thinking, Caribou partnered with Cuhu– a tech development company, to utilize the new technology of using mobile applications to create real-time delivery apps for their driver and signatures from esteemed customers.

The company delivery is well monitored, from route planning, driver tracking, and proof of product delivery. The warehouse staff uses barcode scanners to identify parcel delivery locations and determine the fastest route to customers’ destinations.


The delivery vehicle tracking system is via GPS systems on the caribou websites. After a successful delivery, time, location, and date are recorded in the driver’s app to prove the delivered product. The company also utilizes the use of digital signatures and customer images to verify delivery. Caribou drivers app is under testing process to make their job easier while creating optimum customer experience.

The parcel’s delivery giant is planning to create more technologically advanced platforms to improve customer experience is a sign of development. Customers from the company give positive reviews of their experience from the company delivery. They recommend the company for its excellent services.

Jack Mason Is Always Up For a Challenge

Jack MasonOne of the many important things things about running a business in the modern world is being able to think in new and innovative ways. This is something that Jack Mason does all the time. He likes to come up with brand new ideas and set them in motion. One of his most important ideas is being able to think about the kind of spaces that people want to rent. Those at Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO do this all the time. They think about spaces that are what they are right now and envision what they could be with some effort. He and his staffers are always on the lookout for properties that might be transformed in some way. Updating existing properties is the lifeblood of his plans. It’s very much what he does and why he has been such a success in the field of real estate. He has been able to spot properties that need some updating and bring them up to higher standards for his many real estate clients.

Making It Work

Jack Mason

Making it work means thinking about the world of real estate very closely. That means being able to think about what it is that people want and need in any space they choose to use. For many modern client, this means spaces that are endlessly adaptable. They want spaces that are easily updated in order to respond to changing conditions. They also want spaces that offer them a chance to be part of a thriving city such as Manchester or London. For those at Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO providing them is exactly what they do every day of the year. This is one company that has been able to step and deliver what people need when they want it. That is why this is also a company that has done so well. Jack Mason gets what his clients are looking for when picking out office space in the contemporary business world. He is always considering what they want and coming up with ways to make sure his clients are very pleased.

Mathew Fleeger Western Coast Gulf Leader

Matthew FleegerThe challenges that the oil and gas industry is currently facing did not start now; instead, it has existed for a couple of decades. The world and the United States of America have been going for alternative energy sources, this being the main issue the sector is facing. Another big challenge that the industry is facing is the inadequacy in resources, the technological issues, and the economy’s fluctuation that has forced several energy organizations to re-model their structures. The management of the gas and oil companies must look beyond the industry’s encounters and find solutions to the problems.

The oil and gas companies must think of how they will tackle the cost-effectiveness of their everyday operations, move around the world consumption, and improve efficiency. As much as the company’s challenges are faced by all oil and gas companies in the world, some have managed to meet the challenges and are shinning in the industry. One of the leaders in the sector Western Coast Gulf is among the few companies that have made it through the industry’s troubles. The organization is led by its able leader Mathew Fleeger who has vast experience in managing an organization. Western Coast Gulf was established to discover, develop gas and oil reserves, and obtain energy in the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. Ever since the inception of the energy firm, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion, with the organization establishing other operational regions, including Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The firm made a name for its self in the industry and recognized Stellar for its performance.

Matthew Fleeger

For over 40 years, Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has been in the industry since its creation. The company is a family business established in 1970 by Mathew Fleeger, Western Coast Gulf father. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is a go-getter and is committed to lead the organization to higher heights. Mr. Fleeger and his team have built a company that has become a household in the United States of America.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Rod Rohrich

Boasting accolades and credentials galore, plastic surgeon Dr. Roh Rohrich offers an impressive array of plastic surgery services out of his practice at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Whether you are considering rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation, body contouring, or revision services, to name just a few, Dr. Rohrich has an extensive collection of before and after photos – the results speak for themselves. For those looking for minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Rohrich also offers skin resurfacing, fillers, and hair rejuvenation.

Explore what Dr. Rohrich has to offer, and click to book a consultation directly on his website.

Ross Levinsohn’s Professional Success Is Rooted in Creativity and Hard Work

Ross LevinsohnOver the course of the last few decades, Ross Levinsohn has progressively advanced in his media tech career to the top position at major corporations, and he has moved the industry forward as well. As a top-brass leader at some of the most notable media companies in the country and beyond, he has been a key player in a variety of industry advancements. Currently, he is the CEO at Maven, which is a single-platform provider of services to numerous media brands.

Ross Levinsohn took time early on to establish solid footing for what he hoped would be a successful career in the media tech world. After being awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the American University, Levinsohn was honored with a position as the Director of Production and Marketing Enterprises for HBO. His career then took him to CBS Sportsline as the Vice President of Programming. This was followed by executive-level positions at Alta Vista, Fox Interactive Media, Fuse and Guggenheim Digital Media. At Fox Interactive Media, Levinsohn brought together his company with some of the leading web properties at the time. As the CEO at Guggenheim, Levisohn was a major influence on publications like the Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek and Billboard Magazine.

The robust and notable career of Ross Levinsohn also includes positions at ZEFR, Whisper Advisors, The Boston Consulting Group, Sports Illustrated and others. As Maven’s CEO, Levinsohn will be able to pull from all of these rich professional experiences to take Maven confidently into the future.

Chip Rosenbloom Touched Many Audience Members With His New Play

Chip Rosenbloom is the individual behind an exciting new play called Bronco Billy. This exciting play is set in 1979. It follows the exploits of a wild west show that travels around the heartland of the United States. This adventure includes an heiress from Manhattan who ends up meeting up with the performers from the traveling wild west show. The fascinating story is wrapped up in the form of a theatrical musical that has come from the creative mind of Chip Rosenbloom.

The response to Bronco Billy has been quite positive. It has been described as a play that knows how to stir emotions in the audience that watches it. Its setting is during a time where America was going through great change and a period that many people can still remember who lived through it.

The main character of this play is Billy. He is a former sharpshooter as well as an ex-convict. He also has a passion for showmanship, and this leads him to pursue his dream of starting a wild west show. The play sees him recruiting a diverse cast of characters to participate in his show. Things really get interesting once heiress Antoinette Lilly joins up with this unique troupe of performers.

According to, many who have seen Bronco Billy have remarked on the fact that it is a charming play and a play that has a lot of heart. These are factors that have helped to make it a success and the recipient of many positive reviews.


Rip Tide Race Slide Fun at SeaWorld’s Orlando Florida Location

RipTide is the 50th new slide at SeaWorld’s Aquatica in Tampa Bay, Florida. This amazing water slide has a 360-degree view of the resort, with all of the attractions. RipTide is one of SeaWorld’s most thrilling rides, and it is guaranteed to make the day memorable.

This slide begins with two sets of three parallel drop-offs and then transitions to a vertical wave of three sets of ups. RipTide’s special feature of being a water slide makes it one of the tallest water slides in the world. With this one-of-a-kind feature, this ride is a fan favorite at SeaWorld. The wave also bounces along the sides of the amusement park, allowing riders a complete view of the rest of the park as they head around the curve.

Riptide Race Slide is a high-octane waterslide race that pits teams against each other in a race to the finish line. Inspire your friends and family to see who can enjoy the thrill of victory the most! This fast-paced, high-speed journey would have you wanting to try it over and over, accelerating through each turn in a straight finish.

The SeaWorld’s Aquatica RipTide Race Slide is the latest and best adrenaline ride that you and your family can experience on your next visit to SeaWorld Orlando. The Aquatica Rip Tide ride at SeaWorld. Three separate tubes are connected by a massive slide ramp consisting of hundreds of feet of razor-edged water. Every tube contains a boat that is pulled by a massive rope. When the ramp starts to climb, a boat comes down from the harbor, piloted by a seasoned operator. Both eyes will be on you as you take your first of possibly several journeys across the ramp as it rises and descends to the lowest point where the water becomes smooth and tranquil.


Discover BeachBody and Shakeology

ShakeologAs an American entrepreneur and businessman, health and wellness has been at the center of Carl Daikeler’s career and way of life. His first job was producing halftime shows for on-air games broadcast by the NFL. After several years, he took a new position in production for the infomercial industry. It didn’t take long for Daikeler to notice that many of the products in infomercials were for personal health and fitness.

When considering why those items were flooding the market, Daikeler made some observations. He read reports and saw for himself that an increasing number of Americans were overweight or obese. He asked around and found out that for most people, going to the gym is a hassle and source of shame. He also noticed all the fast food establishments and the lack of wholesome, nutritious food in Americans’ diets.

These realizations led Carl Daikeler to found BeachBody. It started as a set of exercise DVDs. When people realized how convenient it was to exercise at home, they asked for more workout options. Daikeler quickly went on to produce hundreds of workout videos. He doesn’t just produce them; he stars in them, too. He got celebrity contributors and endorsements over the years.

In 2015, Daikeler introduced BeachBody on Demand, which was his answer to the changing of the times. Subscribers can access all of the videos any time through an internet connection. As smartphones flooded the communications and technology markets, Daikeler kept up the pace by co-founding the OpenFit app, which is the mobile version of BeachBody’s support network. It also offers live workouts.


To address nutritional gaps and the excess of sugar and calories in American diets, Carl Daikeler and his team developed Shakeology. It’s a protein powder, but it’s also much more. Shakeology contains a lot of fiber, which helps people feel full. Users mix the protein powder into plant or dairy milk to make a tasty shake. Shakeology shakes can replace a meal or a main dish. They’re filled with vitamins that help with cell repair and muscle growth. Shakeology comes in chocolate, vanilla and other flavors.