Peter Briger: The Business Mogul Making Headlines

Many people are interested in the world of investments and finance. Some have failed while others have succeeded. Those who have managed have gone ahead to lead big businesses into success. Others have entered into the world of entrepreneurship where they have made a fortune. It is such an achievement. One person who has been truly succeeded in this field is Peter Briger. The business mogul has immense experience in real estate business, corporate finance, corporate advisory, foreign investments, alternative investments, and loans. Currently, he is a Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC. This is an investment firm which manages investments on behalf of other investors and gives them good returns. It has over $70 billion assets under management. Additionally, it provides investment advice and consultancy to its vast clientele base.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group LLC, he worked for Goldman Sachs. Here, he rose through the ranks to become a partner. It is while working here that he gained vast knowledge about real estate and capital investments. Afterward, he moved to Fortress in 2002. Peter Briger became a director in the year 2006. It only took him another three years to see him elected as a co-chair in the board of this firm in the year 2009. In addition to this, he is the head of real estate and credit management. Peter Briger uses his vast knowledge to execute his roles in this section with due diligence with the sole aim of wanting to move the firm forward. Under his leadership, this organization has witnessed a lot do growth to become one of the leading real estate investment companies in the United States. It offers a lot of advice and manages a lot of investors’ wealth in this sector. The firm has a vast clientele base ranging from institutions, high net worth individuals and private organizations among other clients.

Peter Briger is graduate from Princeton University and Wharton School of business. These are leading academic institutions in the area of business that assisted shape his career at an early age. He is one of the founders of Princeton University Investment Company at Princeton University. This is an organization established to encourage the growth of entrepreneurship ideas among alumni and students of academic organizations. It shows his love for the world of finance and the burning desire to see other people succeed. His efforts in entrepreneurship made him enter the Forbes list of top 400 wealthiest business professionals in 2007.