QNET is Definitely Not a Scam

There is a lot of great business models and companies to be involved with in this ever changing world. Technology continues to advance and grow as a daily function for each and every person. This world unfortunately has a lot of need and trust problems which results in scammers seeking victims to take advantage of. How to tell the difference of a scam and an honest model or company can be difficult. QNET is not a scam and the proof of that will be defined in this article.

QNET has come up with a very successful business model that benefits QNET  Scam and the people who sell the products for everyday success. What is great is the people who sell QNET products can take the experience they receive with them as a life skill and growth. QNET sells actual products that are aimed at improving quality of life for everyone. QNET has been referred to as a pyramid scheme.

In order to better understand what a pyramid scheme is one must look into the definition of what it is. Pyramid schemes are aimed at getting people under the top person by means of entrance fees and no real service or utility in return. One waits under the next in hopes of retaining additional compensation for the buy in. Illegal pyramid schemes are not allowed in the USA. QNET offers a real service and products in exchange with growth opportunities for a better way of life.

QNET is not selling a bridge to nowhere and has many products designed to help with your health and interest. Amazon, Melaluca, QNET and others operate in a similar manner and are excellent ways for individuals to earn extra income while selling products that people are already using and love. They create a need and pyramid schemes lead to a destruction path where many can benefit at the demise of others who were not as fortunate to be higher up. They are left with nothing in return but sorrow and sadness.

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