Rachel Nichols Streaks A Path Through Sports

Focusing on Rachel Nichols being a woman in sports is an easy way of charting her story. Despite Nichols wanting to be seen as a journalist regardless of her gender, her success makes her a trailblazer. A successful career at ESPN and CNN followed her early career at The Washington Post. Nichols has brought her likable charm and success to the sports journalism sector, including her time hosting ESPN’s “The Jump”.

Rachel Nichols explains sports have always been a passion. Not having a dedicated talent for playing sports, Nichols looked for opportunities to follow her love of sports as a job. A degree in journalism from Northwestern University set Nichols on the road toward her career. After completing her degree, Nichols found a job with The Washington Post and fell into broadcasting.

Rachel Nichols had been filing sports reports with The Washington Post before becoming the main writer for the Washington Capitals NHL team. Alongside the regular written stories filed about the Capitals, The Washington Post writer was expected to broadcast before and after games. A pre-game segment hosted by Nichols became a success on local cable TV and attracted the interest of major TV stations.

The experience of hosting a pre-game segment for local cable TV gave Rachel Nichols her first broadcasting role. As her experience and popularity rose, Nichols made her way to CNN and Turner Broadcasting. Before arriving at ESPN, Nichols had become an experienced broadcaster of baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Working on ESPN’s basketball coverage is one of the highlights of Nichols’ career. Covering the NBA allowed Nichols to interview LeBron James and other popular players for more than a decade. Rachel Nichols points to interviewing James as one of her career highlights. James was 17 when Nichols first interviewed him and continues to provide soundbites into his mid-30s. See this page for additional information.


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