Randy Douthit Involvement in the TV Industry

The most important people necessary in the making of a film include the executive producer, producer, and director. Randy Douthit has worked as the most crucial person in most of the shows he has taken part in. This shows why he recently was chosen to be the executive producer and director of the Justice Judy show.

Justice Judy

Randy DouthitJustice Judy is a revamped new show that is airing on IMDb TV. It was previously known as Judge Judy and has undergone major adjustments seeing that it is now airing as a streaming series. The courtroom where the show is consistently run has been made over to look like that of a modern courtroom found in any major city. The reality show was upgraded in a way that the viewer can follow through the proceedings and understand why Judge Sheindlin made the rulings. The show has also included new cast members including Judge Shiendlin’s granddaughter who makes the show more conversational. With the team of Randy Douthit as its executive producer, the show is set to be a success as its predecessor Judge Judy.


Randy DouthitRandy Douthit started his career by pursuing a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Psychology both from Portland State University. His passion for producing films began while studying for his masters where he got the opportunity to work for King Broadcasting in Seattle. His career soared forward by working with various major companies in the film industry. They included ABC network and Warner Brothers where he worked as an executive producer. He took part in the production of various major shows like Larry King Live, Hot Bench, and the Jesse Jackson Show, among others. His remarkable work saw him gain many awards like gaining six Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards.