Research And Development Are The Secrets Behind Robinson Helicopter’s Success In Small Aircraft Manufacturing

Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter is a household name in the flying industry. If you want a highly efficient personal chopper, that is the place to knock. You will find acquisition cost-effective and still get a wide range of selection for high-efficiency helicopters. What is the secret behind this company that has traded for more than four decades?

Firstly, innovation is key to every aircraft industry. Sticking to the old way of doing things pulls manufacturers behind. Frank Robinson, the chairman emeritus, says that research and development are crucial in offering top-notch helicopters. To continually improve aircraft, a company has to invest in new technology developments in aircraft engineering. The latest offerings in the industry include helicopter glass avionics and an automatic pilot design.

He puts more emphasis on safety by conducting regular safety tests and courses for flight instructors. All the technicians undergo maintenance courses to ensure that they are up to date with aircraft requirements. Frank Robinson, who is also a member of the International Helicopter Safety Team, takes advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn and enlighten his team about the safety procedures.

At its company factory in Torrance, California, you will find staff assembling, inspecting, and undertaking tests for compliance. The team is equipped with comprehensive aviation research to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of the helicopters. Robinson Helicopters manufactures almost all its mechanical parts in its Torrance factory and recruits a highly skilled team to assemble those. Additionally, the company offers a refurbishment program for older aircraft. With more than 400 dealerships and service centers, that guarantees all its customers access service and support.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter Company has already hit over 12,000 helicopter deliveries worldwide since its inception. After working for several aircraft manufacturers, the family-owned aircraft business was Frank Robinson’s idea, including Cessna, Hughes Helicopters, and Kaman Aircraft, for more than three decades. The entrepreneur’s ambition was stoppable as he set up his company and embarked on a risky and multi-billion enterprise. Robinson Helicopter is a world supplier of top-of-range helicopters in the world. With advanced research and development strategies, the helicopter giants have the quietest, reliable and versatile aircraft globally.