The career life of FinTech’s James Gutierrez

Access to financial services has been limited in the United States, contrary to what many say about US citizens. The household data has shown that 25% of them have no access to banking services, and the global situation has broken the system. There has been a rise in the need for open banking and bringing equality, a great venture for financial entrepreneurs such as James Gutierrez. He is an American social investor and entrepreneur working with FinTech, Financial Technology.

FinTech under James Gutierrez is committed to bringing banking solutions to Hispanic households. The African-American people have limited access to the banking opportunity because of several reasons ranging from capital flow to open bank accounts to banking information. Gutierrez has advocated for decentralizing financial organizations and empowering the citizens. FinTech is ahead by offering its clients better financial knowledge.

James Gutierrez worked as the CEO of Oportun between 2005 and 2012, where he enabled at least 500 million African-American access loans. Gutierrez is committed to financial equality among US citizens. His focus has made him advocate for reforms in the banking system; loan accessibility to the less advantaged.

The pandemic has faulted the economy, causing a need for re-building. James Gutierrez has pioneered the creation of Community Development Finance Institutions and Minority Depository Institutions. They are essential in the continuous provision of cash flow education they provide as well as their necessity.

Gutierrez is venturing creation of a modern mobile inclusive forum to give reliable and reasonable credit, purchase empowerment, and design secure finances. He is pioneering the decentralization finance organization and advocating for the control of money by the people. His firm FinTech is at the forefront in making its customers access loans and understanding their status. James and his firm have to build a cash flow tracker during the pandemic and lowered their fees on various loans.