The Darien Dash: A Strategic Advisor Who’s Been in the Game for Over 10 Years

Darien is a nationally recognized media entrepreneur and entertainer. Darien Dash has been regularly consulted by famous entertainers, businesspeople, and personalities, with his advice has been sought for years. He is today among the most sought-after financial advisors due to his vast range of experience and exceptional reputation. Throughout his career course, he has facilitated multiple transactions with high-net-worth and ultra-high net-worth clients, including earning the trust and respect of many people with whom he has advised.

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In addition to being consulted by high-profile clients, Dash has also developed strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and business empires. He is currently the founder and creator of The Movement Management, a business consulting firm that works with business executives and celebrities.

Darien Dash says, “I came to business from a different direction. I’m a business school grad, and the majority of my peers started in finance, I started with entertainment. When I went to LA, I sought to work for industry leaders, the moguls, but I quickly realized there were only 10 or 12 of them, but all the power brokers would gather at each other’s offices and fly first class. That offered me an opportunity to talk to each person and learn who they were.”

“As I operated my pathway via the system, I started networking with the people I admired, and the second most powerful person in Hollywood didn’t work for a studio, it was head of a major motion picture production company. It gave me the ability to know what his vision was for his company,” added Darien Dash.

“Working with today’s most elite personalities, individuals and families, The Movement Management firm aligns their interests with those of the organization. The firm supports its clients in capital raising, brand management, management of their multi-million dollar business investments, and the financial strategies necessary to succeed.”

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