Why Andrew Lazarus is Acquiring Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus has been known to be very dedicated to acquiring multiple hotels in the country.

He is one of the few individuals in the country who have a huge portfolio in the hospitality sector.

It is now common for his group to acquire some of the prime properties in the country every year with the goal of ensuring that he is controlling the entire real estate business and the hospitality venues.

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The acquisition of Beach Hotel Merewether in Newcastle did not surprise many people. Lazarus has been looking to close some of the deals that very many individuals in the country have not been expecting.

Therefore, buying this hotel fits into the investment plans that he has been looking to have over the years.

However, there are very many questions as to why Lazarus has been very focused on acquiring this facility over the years.

Obviously, the Andrew Lazarus family has been in the hotel business for very many years.

This industry has consistently expanded and has always been at a point where it has been looking to buy Beach Hotel Merewether for very many years.

Therefore, it is natural that Lazarus has also been looking to buy this facility so that he can achieve the objective of his family.

By acquiring this facility, Lazarus will close a deal that started multiple years.

There is no argument this is one of the best beach hotels in Newcastle.

Every other investor with sufficient funds will have been involved in the bid to acquire this facility.

It is not that the owner of the hotel has been struggling to record some returns and maintain the facility over the years.

Lazarus knows this facility has been recording some huge returns and that it has consistently been at a position whereby it has been able to record some consistent profits over the years.

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