Tom Keane Reaches New Heights With Azure

Software developer Tom Keane is corporate vice president and general manager of Microsoft Azure Global, and winner of the 2021 WasingtonExec’s Pinnacle Award (Doyoubuzz). 


Azure Blasts Off


Azure is a cloud computing company under the Microsoft umbrella and provides services such as application services and data storage.


Under Tom Keane’s leadership, Azure has partnered with NASA and Hewlett Packard to help develop a workload test that is AI run. This test can have valuable applications on the International Space Station (ISS), being able to detect damage to the astronauts’ life-saving equipment and spacesuits. One such application is capable of identifying and monitoring the condition of the spacesuit’s gloves. 


Gaining Momentum in Orbit



Azure’s journey into space isn’t stopping at spacesuits, Tom Keane recalls. The company also partnered with Thales Alenia Space, a satellite systems company, to deploy an on-orbit computer and framework that is capable of observing and collecting data about our planet’s climate. According to Tom Keane, this could lead to collecting more valuable information about the Earth’s climate and allow us to innovate new technologies that will aid in its sustainability in the future. 


The company is also working with Loft Orbital, a company that deploys payloads with scheduled satellite missions, to develop new software applications for use in space related infrastructure. This will allow government and civilian organizations to deploy software into space and give way to incredible innovation in space technology. Tom Keane, the University of South Australia graduate, certainly has not only the capability, but also the vision, to take Azure to unimaginable new heights. 

Hughes Marino: Corporate Lease Auditing Advisors

Hughes Marino is a lease auditing firm specializing in corporate space rentals and leasing. They have over vast years of experience in the industry, and their team of experts can help you find the perfect office space for your business.


How does Hughes Marino provide corporate lease auditing services?

Hughes Marino provides corporate lease auditing services by providing comprehensive and tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Hughes Marino’s team of experienced professionals has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate lease auditing. This goes from acquisitions and disposition to leasing and management.


Hughes Marino’s Corporate lease auditing Services include:

Negotiating and drafting definitive agreements

Managing complex transactions

Serving as an advisor on property strategy

Providing expert consulting services on lease negotiations

Hughes Marino also includes Supporting clients through post-transaction phases


What are the benefits of working with Hughes Marino?

Hughes Marino is a corporate lease auditing advisor with over thirty years of experience. They offer comprehensive services to their clients, including market analysis, property management, and leasing. 


Below are some of the benefits of working with Hughes Marino:

Their team has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate lease auditing 

They provide detailed market analysis and recommendations to help their clients achieve the best results possible They have a proven track record of success in both the commercial and residential marketplaces 



Hughes Marino provides lease auditing advisory services for various clients in the corporate and business world. As corporate lease auditing advisors, Hughes Marino helps their clients identify and pursue opportunities in their desired market areas. In addition, the firm guides optimizing office space usage and locating new buildings or expansions. If you are looking for an experienced corporate lease auditing advisor to help you with your next project, contact Hughes Marino.

About Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino is a global law firm with over 300 lawyers who work in 30 cities around the world. The firm has established itself as one of the leading international law firms, providing high-quality services to businesses and entities across various industries. We are committed to being innovative and entrepreneurial in our solutions while maintaining a deep understanding of the customs, cultures, and laws that drive our clients’ businesses. 


As part of this commitment, we are always looking for business opportunities and new ways to provide value beyond our traditional offerings. We want to share some insights with you about what it’s like at Hughes Marino, where we have 300 lawyers internationally working for your company. Hughes Marino is a global law firm with over 300 lawyers who work in 30 cities around the world. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and we do so from offices in cities around the globe.


Our lawyers focus on delivering high-quality legal services to our clients, whether they are individuals or companies. At Hughes Marino, we provide a variety of services, such as legal support activities, advice, and guidance:


Drafting transactional documents.

Reviewing contracts and agreements.

Investigating legal issues.

Preparing pleadings, research documents, and evidence gathering before litigation commences.

Conducting discovery of the information.

Preparing for trial and negotiation negotiations.

Providing staff training.

Hughes Marino also works on arranging mediation sessions where appropriate.

We also provide advice, assistance, and guidance to our clients on business-related matters. We have extensive experience in various industries, including software development and Internet technologies; lease auditing investments; multimedia production and broadcasting; financial services, including business law, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions; energy enterprises; companies with precious metals mining interests. For example, at Hughes Marino we help companies that provide energy products supply their energy demand by using various renewable energy sources.

Tom Keane: Microsoft’s Role in Empowering Developers

Tom Keane’s Background


Tom Keane leads a global team of engineers as the Corporate Vice President of Azure. His team is dedicated to building the platform of Azure cloud computing so that it can be adopted by every industry, every customer, and every nation worldwide. Tom Keane’s organization is responsible for Azure’s Global Infrastructure.


Microsoft and Its Developers


Microsoft has supported the software community for a long time. According to Tom Keane, the company has the most comprehensive platforms and tools for developers, from Github to Visual Studio. 


It also supports various use cases and industries from financial services, critical industries, healthcare, and space. Tom Keane recalls how as the company broadens its focus toward the space, it will bring security, approachability, and the power of its developer story to a new level.


Azure Cloud Services


Tom Keane explains how Microsoft is using a platform for on-orbit computation at the ultimate edge to empower its developers. Therefore, spacecraft running AI workloads are interconnected with the hyperscale Azure cloud. The company is continually reducing the entry requirements for space development, enhancing the modularity and flexibility of software solutions. Moreover, Tom Keane finally adds, Microsoft is capacitating every developer tasked with building space workloads to leverage the productivity of its developer tools easily and integrate with Azure services, which are developing, analyzing, deploying, and operating space applications both on the ground and in orbit.

Looking into What Joseph Ashford Has to Say About Company Culture

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a household name in Bournemouth, UK. He has gained popularity for leading K4 Global to greater heights.

K4 Global provides a unique atmosphere, and the employees at the corporation are confident in the company’s prospects and future. As for Ashford, he has encountered a series of challenges in his entrepreneurial career; however, he has not wavered, and his primary focus has been on actualizing his goals while improving the lives of his employees and clients.

About K4 Global

The firm based in Bournemouth was established in 2014. As a visionary and Joseph Ashford Ellis went ahead to ensure he has assembled a team of experts from different sectors. He usually seeks investment opportunities when there are disruptors in the market.

If the status quo is disrupted, investment opportunities usually arise, and the profit margins improve significantly. Also, when hiring employees, Ashford ensures they understand the industry well.

K4 is Committed to Its Clients

When a company decides to work with Ashford and his team, they will immediately be thrown into the spotlight. The main focus is not only on meeting their needs. Ashford and his team offer a level of service beyond each client’s expectations.

About Company Culture

Each employee has different duties within the company; nonetheless, the company culture keeps them together. As for Ashford, he ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to company values and goals. We can now see why Joseph Ashford Ellis pays keen attention to the recruitment process at K4. Employees who are not interested in growth and learning with their colleagues cannot be assisted regardless of how many lectures they undergo.

Ashford ensures that each recruit understands the importance of teamwork and meeting the goals of each client. He also understands that a corporation’s rise and fall depends on the management team. If employees can’t serve, the revenue will go down since there is a lack of concern.

  Mahmoud Khattab Recap

The Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Your Business

Your business is your company, which means it’s also your company. Your company is your organization, which means it’s also your organization. According to Mahmoud Khattab, your business is the engine that drives all your other activities.

Plan your launch and maintenance before you start building.

To launch a business, you must clearly understand the steps involved in building one. It’s common to start a business without identifying your specific end goals.

Be willing to make changes frequently as your business grows.

According to Mahmoud Khattab, success is not a given in your business. It takes a lot of work and a lot of effort to run a successful business, which means that you will have to be willing to make adjustments as your company grows.

Mahmoud Khattab California

If you’re a business owner who has been around for a while, you might notice that your company is becoming outdated. It would help if you made regular updates to ensure your business is as successful as it can be.

What are industry trends?

If you’re starting a business, you need to pay attention to the industry trends in your area. These trends will tell you whether your site is experiencing a boom in business or if it’s seeing a drop in activity.

what makes a good CEO

To ensure your business is successful, you must have an excellent CEO. That person has to be willing to make difficult decisions and be ready to make the hard choices.


It’s hard to build a business from the ground up, but it’s crucial to take the time to plan. Finally, it’s essential if you want to see positive results from your efforts as fast as possible to schedule your launch and maintenance before you start building. Connect on to view full information of Mahmoud Khattab

Josh Garza

Josh Garza, is not just the initiator of GAW Miners, a firm that delivers mining and cloud mining solutions but also the creator of the firm’s internal cryptocurrency, Pay coin.

Garza grasps the spot of Chairman at GAW miners.

Josh Garza established GAW miners in 2014, which manifested the commencement of his contribution with Bitcoin.

Check out: Josh Garza – Crunchbase Person Profile

The development scheme seemed like it was going to be an accomplishment at first.

It began by offering services for accommodating mining servers and was later enthused with cloud mining.

It is one thing for a percussionist to name John Bonham as an inspiration for their performance; it is an entirely different thing for that drummer’s performance to truly express the primary traits that give Bonham’s sound its distinctive quality.

Josh Garza, the drummer for the New York City band Secret Machines, has spent the past twenty years studying Bonham’s revolutionary playing technique and incorporating elements of it into his own approach.

The band just recently published their third album, which bears the band’s name.

Garza, who claims that “John Bonham handled his kit the same Hendrix played his guitar,” recently shared some of his drumming techniques with MD.

He states that “John Bonham handled his kit the way Hendrix used his guitar.”

In 2015, it was exposed that the firm possessed by Josh Garza paid rental fees for its clients using the cash that was donated by new clients.

In 2016, there was a noteworthy crowd sale of Pay coins that caused a price fall of about fifty percent in only fourteen days.

In 2017, it was revealed that GAW miners had vended a far advanced amount of deals than the firm’s calculating power could manage.

Still, in 2017, Josh Ganza was found accountable for working a Ponzi system and given a penalty of $12 million.

Josh Garza has managed to reach a plea deal on fees of securities fraud to the tune of $10 million by needing to pay old shareholders with newly created money shareholders.

The charges stem from Garza’s practice of paying old shareholders with newly created money shareholders.

 Marwan Kheireddine Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs in Lebanon

Who is Marwan Kheireddine?

Marwan Kheirredine is a Lebanese entrepreneur and a strong proponent of youth empowerment. He takes great pride in influencing their lives for the better by mentoring them into entrepreneurship. He’s former American University Beirut professor, where he taught over 10 financial courses to 1200+ students and still maintains links with most of them.

Marwan Kheireddine Is All About Full Devotion to the Course

Marwan Kheireddine has partaken multiple roles to help youths grow in business. He has served on the Beiruts’ stock exchange board and has been on the trustees’ board in both American University Beirut (business faculty), and American Community School Beirut.

Here’s also one of the initiators of the Lebanon chapter of Endeavor, an international NGO that nurtures entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Moreover, he launched YOUTHinc to facilitate the mentorship of young entrepreneurs. That’s not all; he aided in the development of the initiative to boost new startups in Lebanon under Circular 331.

Marwan Kheireddine Subscribes to the Power of Technology in Driving Business Success

Marwan Kheireddine sees technology as an essential medium for young entrepreneurs’ success. He acknowledges the rate at which technology is advancing and the speed at which young people are embracing technology. He attributes the fast pace of technological advancements to the development of portable tech devices. He further says that these rapid advances have created lots of uncertainties in banking (especially in technology and intermediation), and bets on the next generation to bring some calmness.

Marwan Kheirredine sees a brighter future for Lebanon, judging by its current potential, and takes on a notion that knowing what one wants is paramount to achieving one’s goals.

He adopts an interesting take on the best fuel for success: shunning negativity. He asserts that the quicker one shakes off negativity, the easier and faster they realize their set goals. He advises Lebanon youths to take charge of their decisions by evaluating what suits them best. Read full interview by Marwan Kheireddine at

Huascar Lopez Was Responsible For Developing The social Networking

Huascar Lopez’s biography

Huascar Lopez is the co-founder and CEO of Asana, a software company that helps businesses manage their work. Before founding Asana, Lopez served as the head of products at Facebook. He was responsible for developing the social networking site’s first mobile app, creating Facebook’s first ad product, and leading the development of the company’s advertising network.

Early Life

Huascar Lopez was born in Arequipa, Peru. He is a business entrepreneur and former telecommunications executive. He obtained a B.S. in Business Administration from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru in 1996. Huascar Lopez started his telecommunications career working for the state-owned TelePeru as a consultant and then as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In 2000, he co-founded Red Telecomunicaciones with Nelson Sepulveda and became its CEO. In 2002, Huascar Lopez was named one of Latin America’s 25 Most Influential Young Leaders by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB).

His Career in Technology

Huascar Lopez has had a long and successful career in technology, spanning over 30 years. Lopez started his career at IBM, where he worked in various roles, including software development, marketing, and engineering. He then moved to Oracle Corporation, where he held various product development and marketing positions.

Lopez most recently worked at Google, where he served as senior product manager for the company’s Chrome OS platform. Lopez has also taught computer science at Stanford University and served on the boards of directors for several technology companies. In addition to his work in technology, Lopez is also an accomplished artist who has exhibited his work worldwide.


Lopez started his career as a telecom executive, and he later became the president of Telcel Peru. Huascar Lopez has also worked as the president of Movistar Chile, Telefonica Argentina, and Vodafone Spain. In 2003, Pope John Paul II awarded him the Order of Merit. Huascar Lopez died on March 4, 2018, at 52. To learn more visit: here.

Katelyn Berry found

Katelyn A. Berry, daughter of Simon and Shanna Berry, passed away in a head-on car collision on December 5th, 2015. She was born on January 2nd, 2009, to the joy of her parents’ first grandchild and their only daughter. Katelyn’s smile touched every life she touched with its beauty. Her soul was so gentle that it melted your heart when you were sad or hurt while making you feel ten feet tall, no matter how small you felt. She had a strong passion for photography and modeling. She was the most thoughtful, organized, caring little girl you’d ever meet. She loved music and reading anything from J.K. Rowling to a self-help books. Katelyn loved every one of her two older brothers and would do anything for them. As the oldest sibling, she had a special bond with her parents that was unbreakable.

Her Achievements and Accomplishments
She participated in school and community plays, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and softball. She was a natural athlete that excelled at every sport she played. She finished first grade with a grade three reading level and was more knowledgeable than most adults. Katelyn had an unlimited future ahead of her that no one could predict. Her parents have been in the fire service for twenty-five years, and her love for it took her to many places. She loved visiting firefighters, watching them as they did their job, volunteering at the fire station, and meeting them at every Emergency Alert System (EAS) test she had ever had the privilege of watching. Katelyn was a school fire marshal with EAS tests and acted as a “fire alarm monitor” at her school each year.

The search is now for the flowers to be planted at the site of her accident. We have planted a tree in her memory and will be planting the flowers in spring 2016. Katelyn’s life was cut tragically short, and by donating to this campaign, you will help us purchase flowers to help turn some of this hatred into beauty again.

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