A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of San Francisco Entrepreneur Pam Bear

Pam Baer is a Texas-born entrepreneur and a Marketing and Finance graduate from the University of Texas, Austin. She is the wife of the Giants CEO Larry Baer. After her studies, she worked in the financial services sector and later founded a marketing business with his former clients.

Pamela Baer’s engagement with the San Francisco General Hospital came to be after the hospital helped her youngest son back to recovery from an accident. After joining the foundation, she served on the board of directors up to 2018 and later becoming its Lifetime Director. Working closely with San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, Pam Baer has raised over $250 million.

Pamela Baer has had a global reach through her engagement with Every Mother Counts as a member of Founder’s Circle. Pam Baer is an ardent lover of arts. Even under the pandemic’s challenging circumstances, she has reached out to various central art installations via zoom. To succeed and get the job done, Pam Baer remained open to collaborations with other organizations and networks.

The Heart, an event that has everyone looking forward to supporting and promoting artistic talents in San Francisco, is one of her hallmark projects. The event is also a means to raise funds for the SFGH Foundation and consequently build awareness to boost charity giving.

Those close to Pam Baer describe her as a self-managed person, an attribute they link to her mindfulness practice. She committed to encourage other women to pursue their dreams without giving up. Her favorite quote is that as one advances in years, they realize they have only two hands to help others and themselves.

Pam Baer pursued education at Austin from the University of Texas. For four years, she has been the For Goodness Sake LLC CEO and Pamela Baer’s skills spans to philanthropy, management and business management. Visit this page to learn more.


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