About Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino is a global law firm with over 300 lawyers who work in 30 cities around the world. The firm has established itself as one of the leading international law firms, providing high-quality services to businesses and entities across various industries. We are committed to being innovative and entrepreneurial in our solutions while maintaining a deep understanding of the customs, cultures, and laws that drive our clients’ businesses. 


As part of this commitment, we are always looking for business opportunities and new ways to provide value beyond our traditional offerings. We want to share some insights with you about what it’s like at Hughes Marino, where we have 300 lawyers internationally working for your company. Hughes Marino is a global law firm with over 300 lawyers who work in 30 cities around the world. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and we do so from offices in cities around the globe.


Our lawyers focus on delivering high-quality legal services to our clients, whether they are individuals or companies. At Hughes Marino, we provide a variety of services, such as legal support activities, advice, and guidance:


Drafting transactional documents.

Reviewing contracts and agreements.

Investigating legal issues.

Preparing pleadings, research documents, and evidence gathering before litigation commences.

Conducting discovery of the information.

Preparing for trial and negotiation negotiations.

Providing staff training.

Hughes Marino also works on arranging mediation sessions where appropriate.

We also provide advice, assistance, and guidance to our clients on business-related matters. We have extensive experience in various industries, including software development and Internet technologies; lease auditing investments; multimedia production and broadcasting; financial services, including business law, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions; energy enterprises; companies with precious metals mining interests. For example, at Hughes Marino we help companies that provide energy products supply their energy demand by using various renewable energy sources.