Betsy DeVos Loves Supporting Parents and Children

Love takes many forms. People who feel a passion for certain things love what they do. This is what Betsy DeVos has done in her life. She’s brought in a real love of the world of education. For her, it’s all knowing what it means to be a loving parent. She has been lucky enough to go the college she wanted and get the best possible education. She knows that others have not been as fortunate. They have been left to make all sorts of sacrifices just to get their kids the education they want. Betsy DeVos wants to do her best to change all that. She wants to make sure all parents do not need to struggle just to afford the education they want for their own children. With her help, so many have found what they need most from the American world of education.


Providing Outlets


Many parents today feel trapped when it comes to their child’s education. They are stuck with local schools that simply aren’t going to work for them. That is where Betsy DeVos has been able to help. She has made it possible for students and parents today to discover a whole new world of education. Her work means that kids and parents no longer need to struggle with schools in their area that just aren’t right. Instead, they can turn to schools that are funded by tax dollars and are private. This policy of letting parents pick from schools of all kinds is one that she has been heavily involved in over the course of her career. It is a policy that Betsy DeVos believes holds a great deal of promise in so many ways. That is why her policy work has been so important to the lives of so many American parents.


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