Brandon Taubman career in data science

In this article, we will focus on Brandon’s career in data and his position in Stablewood, a DC-based Real Estate Investment Advisory Firm.

Data, Analysis and Decision Making

Brandon Taubman has a systematic approach to every decision. From his journey to the day-to-day tasks he takes on in every position he pursues, that’s true. As a data scientist, first and foremost, with over 15 years of experience, Taubman has been able to pivot into leadership positions in investment banking, sports management, and real estate portfolio management. Brandon Taubman is a data scientist and an investment banker from Washington, DC.

Brandon Taubman career

He started his career in Boston, MA as a software engineer, then moved to investment banking at Goldman Sachs. He joined Evergreen Partners in 2007 and worked a short period in Software R&D before joining the Investment Banking team and focusing on the whole life insurance space. He left the firm in November 2011 to join Stablewood Capital, where he is currently working on various projects and taking on different roles.

Brandon Taubman is a self-taught data scientist. Over time he has gained multiple certifications, most recently becoming a Certified Scrum Master through Black Belt Training Incorporated. He is currently working on his Data, teaches both data analytics and machine learning classes at Washington University.

Brandon Taubman’s Position at Stablewood Capital

He works for Stablewood Capital. His primary role is to work on projects and projects with portfolio companies. He is currently the senior data scientist within the company. He has taken on various roles, such as working on new products with investment properties, generating reports and forecasts, and managing portfolios.

When working in finance, statistics is necessary for estimating and forecasting an investment portfolio. However, Data is not just limited to finance; it can also be used in other industries. The goal of this article was to illustrate how one can go from software engineer to data scientist very easily and through simple means. Learn more: