Brightline Project: A Train In Progress! Wes Edens Shares His Thoughts On The Future of Florida Rail

Southern Nevada and the greater United States project comes with various benefits. According to Fortress Investment Group co-CEO Wes Edens, the project is “at the 1-yard line” in terms of breaking ground. 

It would be great news for those who have been waiting for the construction of this project for a long time, but there will still be plenty of work ahead before any construction starts on this project. 

The high-speed rail project will link Las Vegas with Southern California and travel at up to 220 miles per hour. There has been progressing for ten years, but recently, a lot more strides have been made towards getting it out into the world. Now, the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, says they are finally “at the 1-yard line.” 

There are constant delays in the Brightline high-speed rail project, which is why it’s been hard to pin down when construction begins. There was, however, a delay due to funding issues and litigation with the Florida East Coast Railway. “There are no definitive dates,” Wes Edens told the Review-Journal. “We don’t have one yet.” 

Wes Edens believes that building Brightline between Las Vegas and Southern California will positively impact both cities through job creation and increased tourism. The train would reduce travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco by up to four hours, significantly impacting the economy in those areas. 

Wes Edens is committed to Brightline and has worked closely with Tony Marnell, a former owner of the Golden Knights, for the last ten years. The decision to include Fortress Investment Group was made to get it past a crucial point and into construction quickly. 

Edens and Fortress Investment Group have been involved in the project since 2008 when they were minority investors. Fortress purchased a majority stake in the project in 2014. With plans for a possible extension into Los Angeles now in place, Edens said this time is for real and that he expects to break ground on the project by the end of 2018.